Lessons with Lush • Cruelty Free Make Up

A few weeks ago I visited Lush’s flagship store on Oxford Street for one of their in-store lessons, which was originally supposed to be on cruelty free make-up but at the last minute had to be changed to haircare. I learnt a lot from that lesson still and was really excited to go back for this lesson!

The lesson on cruelty free make-up kicked off with Jenny, Lush trainer and teacher for the evening, telling us about the core values that Lush have: fresh is best, to encourage innovative concepts and above all to keep fighting the fight against animal testing. She then showed us a short video of a really clever animation showing how most companies create their products – in bulk to be kept in storage for long periods of times. This means they’re paying a lot more in rent on storage units where products made from cheap bulk (and not as great) ingredients are stored for who knows how long! 👎🏼

Lush likes to do things the other way round. Spending a bit more on finding high quality ingredients, creating products handmade rather than by a machine and only making as much as is needed to eliminate waste. Plus, did I mention that Lush is 100% vegetarian and 80% vegan, something they’re constantly working on? What a win! 👍🏼

We started off with a skin tint Lush have, Feeling Younger, which can act as specifically a highlighter or something you could easily put a little bit all over for a lovely glow, it’s a really interesting almost creamy texture but goes on the skin beautifully. A little goes a long way! What really fascinated me about this was that on my skin, which has a slight tan, this tint almost reacted with that base to have a slight golden glow whereas on others who weren’t as tanned it was more silvery, it was amazing to see! ✨

Next we moved onto powders where there’s a translucent powder, blush and bronzer. I think I’ll definitely be buying the translucent powder soon as it felt amazing and didn’t look cakey which some powders can do, and I really liked the look of the blush too!

Moving onto eyes! We were shown through the Eye Jewels and Earth Eye Powders and I mean these are just beautiful. The little pizza-like wedges are the jewels and there are so many colours. I particularly loved the gold one, they’re really easy to apply as either an eyeliner or full eyeshadow, and just like the face tint – a little will go a long way! I think these would also be great for a bit of a highlight or swish of gold on the cheekbones, perfect for a party or festival look! The eye powders are a little bit different in terms of application but also have an incredible range of colours to suit all needs. These can either be applied lightly with just the powder or add a drop of water for amazing pigmentation. What’s great about these is how versatile they are, you can use these products in so many different ways!

Lastly, we have the lip products. 💋 Let me tell ya, the lipsticks that Lush have are gorgeous. So many beautiful colours to chose from, and the quality of them is insane. I promise you’ll find one that’s perfect for you, and they’re really long lasting too! Before you put on your lippy though you should try the lip scrubs! These are perfect for making your lips smooth and ready for stunning colours. Now something I’d not explored previous to this lesson were the lip blocks and I never realised just how fascinating they are. Firstly, you definitely get your money’s worth with 3 really different colours in each block, and secondly you kind of get even more colours beyond that if you experiment with how many layers you apply and if you want to mix them up a little bit! While a little pricey I’d say they’re definitely worth it especially considering how long one block will last you and how you can use them for a huge variety of occasions!

Also in the lesson we watched a short video about companies who are developing new methods to test products on rather than using animals such as fake skin cells and even eyes(!!!) for them to safely test ingredients and products to judge reactions. I mean how incredible is that? It’s great how much technology is coming along. Another awesome thing that Lush do is ensure that even when they have to outsource ingredients for their products, they ensure that the companies they buy from definitely don’t test on animals.

Most of the make up products mentioned are exclusive to Lush Oxford Street so if you’ve been tempted by this post to get your hands on some then you definitely need to get down to London and see them for yourself!

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