The Lomokino Movie Camera

A couple of months ago now I received a Lomokino 35mm Movie Camera from the lovely folk at Lomography, and since finishing the roll of film I’ve been really excited to get the film back!

The Lomokino is like no other camera I’ve used before. In recent years I’ve come to love video and creating them, but never before have I made a video using 35mm film (for those clueless think of the film you used to get in disposable cameras etc!) and when I realised this camera excited I couldn’t wait to try it out. I took it with me on one of our Sunday’s out to Columbia Road Flower Market and Greenwich for the Urban Village Fete.

It’s a very simple camera to use, you load the film and then use the crank on the side of the camera to take the shots – the small struggle with it is that the viewfinder is at the top of the camera so you’re actually shooting a little lower than you think, and also trying to keep it stable was a bit of a challenge! Due to the way you’re shooting you actually fit multiple frames on one exposure of film therefore in the movie there are bars at the top and bottom. I personally really like this look so it wasn’t a problem for me! Plus I think the frames are really lovely on their own too.

Unless you shoot multiple rolls of film and put them together, videos from the Lomokino are never going to be too long – it really depends on how fast you’re turning the crank while ‘filming’ as the quicker you turn it the quicker you’ll use up frames.

Less chat, more visuals! Here’s my first ever little video from the Lomokino, I hope to make more in the future as I really adore that vintage quality, and I’m going to try and explore the world of analogue videography a bit more if I can.

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