Lessons with Lush ∙ Haircare

It’s no secret that I adore Lush, in my opinion it’s a wonderful company and I adore their ethics. I’m also pretty obsessed with their flagship store on London’s Oxford Street as there are three, yes, three(!) floors of Lush goodness – what’s not to love?! Recently I’ve noticed they do little lessons in their FUN space upstairs, and I thought it was about time I went along to see what it was all about.

Originally the lesson this week was going to be about cruelty free make-up, but at the last minute it was changed to haircare. As I was already in the building and having nice chats with the staff there I thought it’d be silly to leave as I pestered them to do the cruelty free make-up lesson another week!

LUSHHAIR (4 of 9)

On our desks were these adorable little notebooks with the Lush logo stamped on them with pencils too, and a guide to their products. I sat down and was joined by the lovely Tilly who works at Lush (we’d just become besties, pretty much) and then the haircare presentation was lead by their Haircare Expert Jenny!

Having not been to one of these lessons before I had no clue what to expect, but I definitely learnt a lot of new things in the hour that followed. To kick things off Jenny talked us through the structure of hair and the growth cycles hair goes through – things I’d never even really thought of before!

She also talked us through the different hair types and how that affects the quality of the hair and how it grows. The structure and texture of different hair types e.g, straight, wavy and curly, make a huge difference when it comes to sebum, which is the oily substance that helps make our skin waterproof and to protect it from drying out. It’s an excess of sebum that I can blame my hair getting greasy so quickly – ugh! Anyway if your hair is straight that means sebum can travel down it a lot easier, making it look a lot shinier and healthier, whereas for those with curly hair it’s harder for the sebum to travel and that’s why you might find if you have gorgeous curls they might appear drier if you aren’t giving your hair a helping hand. Fascinating stuff right?!

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The products that were tried on us were Roots, a scalp treatment, New, a shampoo bar and Retread, a hair conditioner which made my right arm feel incredible and smelt just as good – I got some weird looks when I casually sniffed my arm on the tube home. My favourite one of these to try was probably the shampoo bar as I’ve never tried one before! It made my skin feel so lovely afterwards, I can only imagine how it would feel on my scalp, so I must pick up one of these to try fully soon. Additionally we also felt what it’s like to have extra virgin olive oil and jojoba oil on your skin, both of which have really healthy results on hair.

LUSHHAIR (7 of 9)LUSHHAIR (9 of 9)LUSHHAIR (10 of 9)

Then, to make an already great evening even better, when I went back down to the ground floor – there was a pug hanging out. I mean, Lush Oxford Street is the place to be.

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A big thanks to the team at Lush Oxford Street, for being an amazing store and for putting on events like this to help educate the public on topics like this and the products you have to help – it’s so great to have free sessions like this and I look forward to hopefully attending many more!

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