The Kent County Show

A date that’s been in the diary for some time now and one that I’ve been looking forward to, is a day at the Kent County Show! Leo volunteers for the weekend so lucky me got to explore what the show had to offer with his guest ticket, here were some of my highlights from the show!

Firstly, I must show you this gorgeous sky that greeted us as we arrived in Kent on Thursday evening. It was absolutely magnificent, with these fiery clouds on one side of us and then turning around, a beautiful slice of a rainbow.

Fire in the sky. 🔥

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On Friday morning we arrived at the Kent County Showground ridiculously early, and when it’s that early in the day and you’re practically half asleep there’s only one thing for it. Coffee.

Thankfully, I knew just who we needed to head towards as I’d discovered on Twitter the previous day that I would be seeing some familiar faces at the show, and that was the delightful Nikki Davis-Jones and Chloe Taylor of Wheely Good Coffee Co.! I know these ladies well from the musical Wicked as a few years ago they were the standby duo of Elphaba and Glinda, and since then they’ve decided to explore a totally different industry and delve into the coffee world! 


Their business is so quirky and fits them to a T, they’ve been going up and down the country in Dickie the campervan making people’s day with delicious coffee and treats from the back of the van. You can take your drinks away with you to walk around the event or take up a seat in the campervan, if not they’ve got seats outside too if the weather is nice enough for it! They’ve got a great set up and even better, loads of personality to entertain customers while they wait. We even got a cheeky snippet of a show tune!


Their coffee is delicious, and the cookies we tried from them were incredible – salted caramel or peanut M&M, yum! 😋 Do check them out and if they’re coming to an event near you go say hello!


While wandering around the show the next stall to catch my attention was one of my favourite things, candles…


Already I have an obscene amount of candles, I really don’t need any more, but I can’t resist. The Freya & Farley stand caught my attention with their gorgeous colourful packaging, it’s minimalist but I really like it. After chatting with the lovely guy at the stand, who runs the company with his wife, I’d found out that it was something they do on top of normal working life while also bringing up two kids (whose names make up the company name – so cute!). He also told me about the lengths they go to to make sure the candles are as clean as possible, by using soybean wax which burns a lot cleaner than your average candle, and finding and using the highest quality essential oils they can source. I’m really making an effort to buy products that not only support local or independent makers, but are ethically made and a bit friendlier to the environment, and this ticked all the boxes.


While it was tempting to purchase one of their diffusers as it’s something different and wouldn’t add to my candle collection, I was particularly drawn to their Coconut Milk & Honeysuckle scent which is a new one of theirs, so it’s only in a candle at the moment. I can’t wait to burn it when I’m home!


Lots of things are judged at the Kent County Show, from cattle to horses to sheep to flowers to fruit! There were specific tents for the strawberries and cherries, and I found it fascinating to see all the fruits marked up in first, second and third prizes! Leo picked up some raspberries before we left and we had them for dessert that evening, they were the best raspberries I’ve ever tasted. 


The flower tent was possibly my favourite tent, I loved seeing all the gorgeous flowers! There were some stunning bouquets and arrangements, it’s amazing to see what people can do when incorporating art and flowers. It was such a bright and beautiful tent, it made me want to have a garden full of colour – but sadly that’ll have to wait until I move out of London I think…


I enjoy antiques markets and fairs and as there was a tent dedicated to antiques I had to pop in and have a nosey round. I have this thing about Edison bulbs so adored these refurbished lamps, and also found a compass with an engraving of the Titanic on, another thing I’m a tad obsessed with.


Well these were some of my highlights of the Kent County Show, it’s on until the 10th of July so if you’re in the area I recommend you take a visit, and if you miss it this time it’s an annual event so maybe put it in the diary for next year! There’s loads for everyone to see and do, it makes a great day out for the family!

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