Photobooths in Amsterdam

It’s no secret that I love getting my photo taken in an old school photobooth, so obviously even when I go away I search them out and get photos to take home with me! This time it was in a new city for me, Amsterdam!

AMS (4 of 3)From doing a little research I knew there were at least two photobooths in Amsterdam, and as we didn’t have that much time in the city, two was plenty! The first we visited was the booth in Hotspot, a clothing shop with a cafe too I believe? To be honest we were in a bit of a rush so I didn’t really look around much – and we didn’t need to as the booth is literally in the front door. These booths are much cheaper than those in the UK, at 2 euros they actually cost £1.67! 

AMS (3 of 3)

I didn’t time how long it took for these prints to develop but they were definitely longer than the advertised times, however I do think when you’re waiting in anticipation for the print to arrive it certainly feels much longer. At a guess I’d say it took less than 4 minutes still, and the print from the Hotspot booth is probably my favourite, it’s clean and clear as anything! I can only imagine as this is on such easy display it gets used a lot which could explain the lack of chemical residue on the prints. I’m no expert, but that’s my guess!

AMS (5 of 3)AMS (6 of 3)

The next photobooth in Amsterdam isn’t as visible from the street but once you know where it is you’ll find it easy enough. It’s in the Hoxton Hotel so when you’re at the hotel and go through the doors and look up the stairs you’ll see the booth! Again it’s a bargain at 2 euro, and took a similar amount of time as the Hotspot booth. What I found interesting about this booth is that the prints come out with a white background rather than the black I’m used to, it makes them look so different! The edges are also rounded rather than square, so in my opinion they’re quite unique!

AMS (1 of 3)

The print from the Hoxton booth is also really clean but doesn’t have as much contrast as the Hutspot booth which is interesting. More importantly, I really love the photos from these booths and I’m glad we could squeeze them into our trip!

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