Independent Makers I’m Obsessed With

Often when I’m bored I like to go on an Instagram black hole of searching for new accounts that I’ll enjoy following, either photographers from around the world, illustrators or independent shops that make use of the social network to promote their creations. A few I’ve discovered recently I’ve really fallen in love with so I thought I’d share the love and show them here!

So, in no particular order…

🏼Click the grids for the Instagram, their name’s are links directly to their website/shop!

Lola Hoad | LH Design

Based in Brighton, Lola owns and runs her own studio that creates gorgeous hand-lettered goods, she also runs One Girl Band which exists to support other creators and entrepreneurs which is pretty damn awesome. I love finding people that enjoy helping others even though being an independent business must be so difficult as it is, during that struggle you need all the help and encouragement you can get so I’m glad good people are still out there doing that.

Screen Shot 2016-06-26 at 15.40.15

I really enjoy how Lola’s account isn’t purely business based, her Instagram is sprinkled with life posts (and photos of her dog, that’ll always hook me), and it’s funny how she incorporates her work into life (see the beach picture) – it gives so much personality to an account. At the moment I’m really obsessed with brush lettering and I enjoy that Lola doesn’t use stereotypical quotes, it’s good to see a bit of variety!

Rachel Stanners | PricklePress

I’m always on the hunt for cool cards to buy – I try and be clever with buying in bulk somewhat or buying waaaay in advance of people’s birthdays etc, and so when I discovered PricklePress I knew I had to keep tabs on this on for things to buy. I’m a big fan of watercolour at the moment, the dip-dye watercolour look cards are a personal favourite but I like how Rachel changes up her style and doesn’t stick to doing just one thing. It’s fun to watch a maker evolve and try different things! Again, also loving the general life and travel photos included!

Screen Shot 2016-06-26 at 15.41.50

Kate Holden | OhSomedayJewellery

I found this account through a chain of following one account and Instagram cleverly suggesting I might like a whole other bunch of accounts, most of the time it’s spot on, especially on this occasion. I have this real thing for stamped jewellery and this shop does so many varieties of it, I adore it. There’s a constellation collection Kate makes that it absolutely stunning, basically there’s so much of her stuff that I really really want.

Screen Shot 2016-06-26 at 15.42.48p.s. look at that bunny omg.

Erin Summer | Erinlightfeather

Seeing Erin’s account was like love at first sight. I mean please, just look. She’s from Ontario and I’ve already (patiently) pestered a few times about whether she’ll be able to post things to the UK and I really hope she will in the future. I don’t know what I’ll use these feathers for but oh my goodness they’re so beautiful I just need them in my life. I’m envisioning them as beautiful table features, a cluster of them together on a desk would make me so happy. Perhaps tucked into a cute little mason jar or something like that. Anyway they’re beautiful, just stare at them for a bit. ✨

Screen Shot 2016-06-26 at 15.43.33

Claire Barclay | Clairebarclaydraws

I remember the first time I saw Claire’s Instagram I instantly enjoyed the language she has on her cards, totes, patches and so on. Scottish slang really makes me chuckle, but also in general the quotes she puts on her creations are really positive and just fun. They remind me a little bit of the illustrations on the Jacqueline Wilson books as well, maybe the air of nostalgia is another reason why I enjoy them so much.

Screen Shot 2016-06-26 at 15.39.03

There we have it, just a few of the independent makers I’ve discovered on Instagram and have subsequently fallen in love with. Please do go check out some of the work these ladies are producing and even better, buy some of it! It’s so important to shop independently and support the maker’s market, I implore you to do so whenever you can. The awesome stuff shown above would make for great presents for all occasions, for yourself and others! You have no excuse, go treat yourself and buy something. 👍🏼

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