Connaught Village Festival

This week I began an internship with GAIL’s, and as part of that this week I was at the Connaught Village Festival. Before then, I didn’t even know this event existed so I wasn’t sure what to expect! As part of my intern duties I was getting content for Cocomaya as they had a stall at the festival and it was awesome to experience such a fun event happening in Central.

During the few hours I was there I had the chance to wander around to see what else was going on and I wanted to talk about some of the awesome brands and stores that were at the festival!


Next to us we had Freddie’s Flowers, and immediately I was drawn to them by the beautiful display of peonies as they’re one of my favourite flowers! I had a lovely chat with them about their business – mainly because I was intrigued about the massive flower boxes, they’re a company that send flowers out to you weekly. On their website they say which flowers are coming up next and you can opt in and out of the service, it’s £20 for a box and you definitely get your money’s worth. If you’re a flower fanatic and want to pay a bit more for the quality this seems like a brilliant concept, plus they seem like a lovely bunch of people (pun intended). 💐


The next stall I visited was Cawston Press because I know when you see a big can stand like that there’s a chance you can get something yummy for free, I’m savvy about these things. I also really enjoyed their design aesthetic so that piqued my interest. They had two flavours to try, Cucumber and Mint or Rhubarb and Apple. I’m not a massive cucumber fan so I went for the Rhubarb and Apple and it was really delicious, I sometimes find companies that do drinks like this don’t quite get the taste right but they’ve hit the nail on the head with these!


I’d seen a lot of people (and dogs) walking round with real, actual flower crowns so at this point I was in need of getting one myself. Wandering a little bit further down Connaught Street I quickly came across the stand I was looking for, and many a wonderful flower in sight. The Flower Appreciation Society was the answer to all my flower crown dreams.


The girls here were making these flower crowns essentially for free which is amazing, they asked for a small donation to the Cosmic charity if you could, and in return you received a personalised crown as you got to pick the 5 flowers that would be soon adorning your head! I found it fascinating to watch them making the crowns and happily wore mine for the rest of the day… 👑


While waiting for my flower crown to be made I overhead a woman saying there was a photobooth around and my ears pricked up like a puppy. If you know me and my blog, you’ll know I blimmin’ love a photobooth. So having received my crown, that was my next stop!


Even though it’s a modern digital booth that doesn’t mean I didn’t have a bit of fun in there, the guys working there had a laugh over my posing saying I knew exactly what I was doing – if only they knew…

Throughout the afternoon a marching band was performing in and around Connaught Street which was a lovely added touch, I always find it’s really impressive to watch a troupe such as this performing and it was incredibly fitting for this area of London.


My final stop was The Ice Cream Cab because if somewhere is giving away free cones, you don’t resist that. I love how they’ve revamped this London cab and for good reason they were incredibly popular throughout the afternoon. The flavours were very hard to pick from but I thought I’d go for the salted caramel, so yummy. 🍦

Lastly, of course I have to mention Cocomaya because their stand was certainly food porn central – just take a look at some of these sweet treats. Oh. My. Goodness.

Connaught Fest 8

Also. There were SO MANY DOGS! I was particularly obsessed with this adorable dachshund, I had to ask the owner if I could take a photo. Dachshunds are my favourite.


It’s safe to say I had a brilliant time at the Connaught Village Festival, it’s amazing to discover these events in London that I previously had no knowledge of and I’m so happy to have been introduced to these different brands! 👌🏼

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