Amsterdam’s Coolest Hostel

Whenever I go travelling I like to stay at AirBnB’s for the unique experience you get of staying in someone else’s home when you’re abroad rather than being in hotels. However when my boyfriend and I were looking up accommodation in Amsterdam we stumbled across CityHub and it piqued our intrigue so much we quickly booked a Hub right after booking flights. 

CityHub isn’t based in the centre of Amsterdam, but that means it’s situated in a quiet area and it isn’t difficult to get to. It took a train and a tram from the airport, probably about a 45 minute journey including the wait for the trains? That’s not too bad! Once we got there we were greeted by lovely CityHub hosts who let us know how to check into the hostel – which was by the tablets they had by the door. Very modern. When you’re in CityHub you have these little bracelets that have a chip in them which when you check in are correlated to your debit card and your room – you can use the bracelet to pay for things in the hostel, get into the main Hub area and also into your Hub. Not only are they very handy, they look very cute. 👏🏼

All you have to do to check in is literally put your name and email in and I think I had to put my card number there too? Then it finds your details, and you can pick your Hub. There are upstairs and downstairs Hubs and we chose an upstairs one as we thought it’d be cooler – it’s like a bunk bed room! Once we were done in the lobby we went to find out Hub and promptly fell into the bed. Well, we climbed up and then fell into the bed.


Already we were so impressed with the Hub, I talk in the video more about what we really liked about it and you can also see in the video how big the Hubs actually are – when I looked at the photos initially I was a bit worried we’d feel super cramped and claustrophobic but that wasn’t the case at all.

The toilets and the showers are the main shared, hostel aspect to CityHub, having never stayed in a hostel before I wasn’t sure what to expect but ended up being pleasantly surprised. They were really spacious, clean and modern and apart from the size of the shower rooms themselves (which could be a teensy bit bigger), I have no complaints.

One thing I didn’t get round to talking about much in the video is how awesome the staff at CityHub are. From the moment we walked into CityHub we were greeted with genuine smiles and conversation, throughout our stay we were offered tips of where to go and what to see, you couldn’t ask for nicer hosts. This aspect of the hostel really reminded me of what I love about staying in AirBnB’s, having the local voices there to tell you where’s good and where isn’t!

We found CityHub to be really affordable to stay in Amsterdam, it was certainly cheaper than other options we found when booking, we discovered it on and couldn’t resist when we saw the photos. This post isn’t sponsored by but if you use this link to book any accommodation you’ll get money off your booking!

Everything else is covered in this video below, I hope you’ve enjoyed this post especially if you’re thinking of going to Amsterdam, we absolutely ❤ CityHub!

psst. for some food recommendations in Amsterdam, check out my blogpost all about the awesome restaurants we visited!

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