Where to Eat in Amsterdam

Last week Leo and I visited Amsterdam for the first time, it’s a city I’ve been wanting to visit for such a long time and it didn’t disappoint – but I wasn’t expecting to eat so much great food while there! We managed to visit different restaurants each day so I wanted to dedicate a blog post purely to the yummy food of Amsterdam. Maybe grab a snack to read this with – it’s going to be a tasty post.

We arrived in Amsterdam quite late after a delayed journey so after having a little rest in our CityHub we strolled over to a nearby restaurant we’d found on good ol’ Google that had really good reviews. It was within easy walking distance of CityHub and thankfully as we were eating late there was space for us – just about! Spaghetteria was still very packed after usual dinner time which is always a promising sight to see as you know it’s a popular place! The way you’re seated in the restaurant is on communal tables, I think it’s a lovely idea to be sat with strangers on these big tables, especially as you can have a nosey at the other dishes people are having before you order!


After seeing someone else order it and thinking it looked amazing, I went for this pasta dish with courgette and a slightly spicy sausage with loads of parmesan on top – oh my goodness. It tasted incredible and was an absolutely massive portion, I had to get Leo to help me finish it because it was so filling. Incredible value for money! For dessert we shared a tiramisu because we were really full from the main course but couldn’t resist it. Thankfully it wasn’t too heavy like some tiramisu’s I’ve had, it was delightful. We were completely satisfied after dinner at Spaghetteria!


After having such a big dinner we needed to take a walk afterwards, and on our walk we discovered a very lovely looking brunch spot and having looked it up and seen good things about it we thought we’d take a trip there the next morning. As we visited midweek, Staring at Jacob wasn’t busy when we arrived mid-morning and we decided to sit outside as the weather was really nice! I couldn’t resist some pancakes with bacon while Leo went for their French toast, both of us were very pleased with our meals!


For lunch we wanted something quick by the Rijksmuseum and there’s a few food stands nearby. The one thing worth noting from this meal was the Dutch waffle with syrup we had to share, these heated up are just so yummy!


Leo had done some research and found a place called Winkel 43it had great reviews and people were raving about the apple pie in particular so we thought it’d be worth visiting for dinner.

There’s plenty of indoor and outdoor seating here but as the weather was so nice we decided once again to sit outside for dinner – why waste the warmth?! We had arrived here just before they started their dinner menu at 6pm so we waited for that – otherwise they do have a bar snacks menu throughout the day but we were too hungry for that. Our waitress very kindly brought the menu board over to us to translate it as it was all in Dutch which we thought was sweet of her – as soon as she mentioned the pork steak with patatas braves I knew Leo and I were going to get the same meal! We made the right decision with this dish as it was bloody delicious. The last time I had patatas bravas was in Barcelona last year so they were a welcome surprise on the menu.

After the main we were so satisfied we’d totally forgotten about their acclaimed apple pie, but remembered just in time to order one to share. All the reviews were right – it’s the best apple pie I’ve ever had.


The next morning we found ourselves at Teds, a restaurant about 10 minutes away from CityHub, for breakfast. Again they have lots of indoor and outdoor seating and with the sun shining we decided to go outside. It wasn’t too busy and the restaurant is on a quiet street, you can feel quite relaxed sitting there.

I really enjoyed the decor of Teds, I noticed a lot of places had what we’d call a ‘hipster look’ but they pulled it off without looking stupid – no offence to some London restaurants but they can’t do it as well!

To eat I ordered Eggs Benedict and Leo had yoghurt with fruit plus a Croque Monsieur (someone was hungry…), the food was really lovely but we were slightly disappointed with how long it took for the food to arrive, considering it wasn’t really that busy. From the looks of things it was an understaffing issue and thankfully we weren’t in a rush but we did see a couple have to cancel their order and leave due to the food taking too long.


For dinner that day we were toying with the idea of getting a takeaway ordered to CityHub (as they were absolutely fine with us doing this and even offered to give us crockery, what babes), but then remembered we had De Hallen right next door to the hostel with the Foodhallen (food hall) too, we realised it’d be pretty silly to not check that out as it was so close. The Foodhallen was great, there’s loads of different food stalls to check out, plus stalls dedicated to drinks and desserts too! We both liked the look of The Butcher and got burgers from there – however due to the communal seating in the hall we could’ve easily gotten food from different stalls! The burgers and chips from here were really yummy and just what we needed, not too small but not overly filling, just right!


When leaving the Foodhallen though our eyes were drawn to Chicks Love Donuts and we simply couldn’t resist. We both got the donuts with the pink sparkles on and had no regrets. ✨


Breakfast on our final day in Amsterdam was quite the feat. We’d booked it in advance for 12:30 thinking we’d actually get a little breakfast in before then but by the time we were ready, packed and checked out of CityHub we hadn’t eaten a thing before we arrived at our destination. This meal certainly took the most time to get to but it was worth it as we were eating on the Pannenkoekenboot – an all you can eat 75 minute pancake cruise. Yep, you read that correctly.

Pancakes are ready for you to take a few minutes after the boat leaves the dock, you can pick from either plain, bacon or apple pancakes and then there’s guilty toppings for you to add or fruits, meats and jams. You will definitely have a case of eyes bigger than your stomach if you go on this boat; Leo and I definitely did, but oh my goodness are the pancakes good. It felt like we rolled off the boat afterwards, straight into the Brood cafe nearby where I kid you not – I fell asleep. If that’s not a sign of how good food is, I don’t know what is.


Obviously after that we didn’t need to eat for the whole afternoon but we did want to grab a bite to eat before heading to the airport so we re-visited the Foodhallen to stop by Bulls and Dogs for a small dinner. They do really great hotdogs, and I loved especially how there were mustard sauces incorporated into the ketchup – I’ve never seen that before and enjoyed it more than when tomato and mustard sauces are mixed together!


That concludes our meals in Amsterdam, I’m glad we decided to eat at different places each day and definitely didn’t eat from places we can easily find at home – what’s the point of doing that when you experience unique small restaurants in other places! I hope you’ve enjoyed reading this post, especially if you’re going to Amsterdam soon or are hoping to visit – it’s a beautiful city and I really enjoyed finally visiting.

If you’re intrigued about CityHub, where we stayed, I’ve posted a video review of it and a slightly more detailed blog post about it will be up soon too. As well I’ll have a post about what else we got up to in Amsterdam online in due course so if you’d like to take a gander at that, that’d be lovely!

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