An Afternoon at Chelsea Physic Garden

On Bank Holiday Monday in typical fashion the weather was a bit grey and gloomy, but that didn’t stop us from heading out as Leo’s parents were in London for the afternoon and we had a plan of visiting the Chelsea Physic Garden.

I’d never even heard of these gardens before, goes to show how much of London there is still for me to discover. There is a small entry fee but once inside you’re able to explore over 3 acres of the gardens for as long as you’d like! There are also free tours that you can join in on to find out more about the gardens and the various plants they have. Alternatively they also have audio guides if you’d rather learn more about the garden that way, plus there’s lots of signs throughout the garden so if you spot something and want to look into it later you can always jot the name of it down!

We all joined a tour at midday where the guide gave us a brief history of the gardens before taking us round the different sections, it was really fascinating to hear the origins of it. You never really think about where the areas in London got their names from but we discovered that Sloane Square was named after Hans Sloane as he owned the area at the time, and there’s a statue of him located in the gardens.

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Leo and I didn’t stay with the group the whole time as I kept on seeing too many pretty flowers I wanted to take photographs of, and it was also a bit chilly to be standing for such a long time. Cue flower photographs!

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I loved these ones, they look like ballerinas don’t they?!

There were so many gorgeous flowers, and the gardens are cleverly divided depending on the purpose of the plants. Some are medicinal, others for eating, for perfumes, for so many different purposes! This flower in particular smelled absolutely gorgeous, a certain perfume scent.

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These gardens are really visitor friendly, there’s so many benches around for you to plonk yourself down and take it all in. As well as plants outside there’s also a few greenhouses and temperature controlled rooms to explore, one of which is a room solely for geraniums – one of my favourites!

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We spent so much of the day here we ended up visiting the café they have, the Tangerine Dream café, three times! Once when we arrived to get a drink before joining the tour, once for lunch and then one last time to get a sweet treat mid-afternoon. Even though it was quite busy, being Bank Holiday Monday, we managed to get a table easily enough each time and it was really nice to sit outside in the afternoon when it had warmed up a little bit. For when it’s chillier there are blankets on most of the chairs in case you’re feeling the cold though which I thought was a nice touch! While outside we had some very confident robins joining us in an attempt to nibble at our cakes…

We had a really lovely time at the Chelsea Physic Garden, I’m pleased Leo’s mum discovered it so we could visit as it’s always nice to see a new place in London and on a sunny day it would be an even nicer place to spend a day!

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