An Afternoon with Lomography

I’m always looking for exciting things happening in the city, often there’s too much of it and it gets overwhelming but then you see an event that looks so cool you immediately have to book it. That’s what happened when I browsed the Lomography events page anyway!

The Lomography London store host workshops in and out of their store, and when I spotted that they had one for an outing with a Lubitel 166+ I definitely wanted to sign up for it. I asked my boyfriend if he’d like to join in too as he’s never really used film cameras up until recently and he did so I booked places for both of us.

We started off at the Lomography store so Natalie could talk us through the camera, loading the film and generally how to use them. I’ve shot on a twin lens reflex camera before but it’s been a reeeeeally long time, so it was good to have a little refresher on it. Also I’ve never used the Lomochrome Purple film which is what we were using so I was really excited to be shooting in this way again and to see the results. Our location for the day was Brompton Cemetery, an area in London that I’d not yet visited.

From Newburgh Street we headed over to Earl’s Court and walked from there, thankfully the weather was being kind with sun and clouds but no rain, considering what the weather was like the rest of the week we were very lucky.

Shooting with TLR cameras is a whole different experience for those only used to digital, for starters everything is backwards so you look like a bit of a plonker trying to perfect the shot you want, you have to triple check all the settings before taking the shot and finally push the nerve wracking shutter. It’s a process for sure.

Brompton Cemetery is one of London’s “Magnificent Seven”, private cemeteries that apparently cost a fortune to be buried in. It’s a fascinating place and Leo and I have decided to try and visit all of them over the summer if we can. Thankfully Natalie knew loads about the cemetery so was able to dish out interesting facts every time we stopped to point something out or ask a question!

Less chat, more photos – these are a few of my favourite ones from the roll!


The Lomochrome Purple film is a lot more subtle than I envisioned, though with greens and whites in the shot you can certainly see the effect. I especially like the last shot of Leo as the purple film didn’t seem to make skin tones go too crazy. The thing I forgot about using TLR cameras is that it’s really easy to forget to wind on – note the double exposure of the second photo – total accident. Hey, I like it though!

Mainly I’m just happy the photos came out, plus it was a really fun afternoon. It’s really inspired me to shoot more film, obviously I love shooting Instax film but these analogue cameras take a lot more skill and patience for sure (no offence Fujifilm, love ya)!

Check out the Lomography website for upcoming workshops, I’d highly recommend them if you’re interested in analogue photography!

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