PhotoWalk • Notting Hill

Today was another one for exploring a part of London I’d not yet visited, and also to test out a new lens! I very recently bought the Canon 35mm lens and was desperate to get outside and see what it could deliver – very quickly I’ve fallen in love with it.

Surprisingly I’ve never walked around Notting Hill, and considering I’m always seeing it on Instagram I thought it was about time I visited in person. Leo and I started off at Notting Hill Gate station and walked from there, roaming through the various streets of colourful houses and ridiculously priced cars! Naturally, the older cars look so much cooler in photos.

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My dream car… 

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I’m so pleased Leo is interested in photography because otherwise I’m not sure who else I’d be able to wander round London with with no real plan, just a want to explore and take photos! I’ve recently introduced him to film photography too and lent him my Canon AE-1 so he’s having a lot of fun taking photos with that. Thankfully he’d just finished a roll of black and white film and had put in a roll of colour film – there’s not much point taking photos of the majority of the houses in Notting Hill with black and white film!

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Gratuitously, I’m really glad that with having the 35mm I can take photos like this of the two of us – with my 50mm lens it’s too tight and if I have my zoom lens I look like a right fool! A silly point to make I know, but it’s nice I can take nice photos with friends like this and it doesn’t feel like my arm is falling off.

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From the gorgeous houses of Notting Hill we walked along to Holland Park to have a little explore there. We soon discovered how confident the squirrels there are as they attempted to pinch some of our cookies! After many an attempt though we did manage to get some pretty cool photos of them – I’ve never been this close to squirrels!

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We found ourselves by the Kyoto Gardens and I had to snap some photos of the gorgeous flowers in the area. There’s so many patches of stunning nature in London, I feel like a lot of the time we forget these areas of tranquil can be found when we look for them. Even though it was early afternoon on a weekday there were quite a few people around but still it was peaceful.

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Leo had walked a bit ahead of me (I was too busy taking more photos of squirrels…) but when I caught up he said he’d seen a peacock and then it’d disappeared. For a moment I worried for his sanity, however after a bit of searching we found it! The peacock we found was calling for a friend and we later spotted another peacock walking around too so there might be a few around – who’d think you’d be able to see a peacock strolling around free in London hey!

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On our way back to the station I thought I was done with taking photos for the day, but when we walked past a little flower stand I couldn’t resist getting a photo of this bouquet purely for the sunflowers, it’s lovely to see them out and about again! We’re going to France next month and I’m really hoping we’ll be able to find fields of them like I used to a couple of years ago. Fingers crossed!

So that was our little adventure for the day; I’m well and truly in love with this lens and can’t wait to shoot with it more. I’m tempted to do more of an in-depth post about the lens when I’ve had more use out of it so if you’re a camera geek like me and would be interested in that do let me know!

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