Saturday Morning in Hyde Park

Notoriously, I’m not a morning person. So the fact that we were out of the house at 9:15am, let alone on a Saturday morning, is still amazing me now. Okay, I’ve had a nap to make up for it yes, but getting up this early today was so worth it.

The V&A through blossom 🌸

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Our first pit stop of the morning was breakfast in Belgravia, we’d hopped off the tube at South Kensington and then walked back up towards Knightsbridge after breakfast. The weather has been absolutely glorious in London the past few days so we knew we definitely wanted to have a walk either in Kensington Gardens or Hyde Park, and then I remembered you could go rowing in Hyde Park so that won us over!

Hyde Park in the morning is still a relatively quiet place, and thankfully we managed to get our boat really quickly! By the time we’d finished there was a significant queue and loads more people on the Serpentine so I’m glad we got there when we did. I love rowing but haven’t done it in such a long time, the place I do it most is where my dad lives in France and in the sunshine it’s perfect.

We paid to have the boat for an hour as it was only a £2 difference each between having it for half an hour or an hour, so it seemed silly not to. In total for two adults it’s £24, a bit steep but it’s a lot of fun; I think it’s definitely worth doing when the sun is out! I took the first rowing shift to go up the Serpentine until you get to a bridge where it’s then roped off, and wow is it quite an arm exercise!

We managed to get a lovely couple in a pedalo to take some photos for us and I love how they turned out. I can’t wait to start putting loads of these instax photos up on my wall!

I’d highly recommend this for a fun hour in London especially now summer is approaching, remember though to have sunscreen and water with you while you’re on the water! For all info on the boating lake look here, and if you do go rowing on the Serpentine have fun!

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