Seeing Double

Last year when I was doing the 52 Weeks Project there was a stage where I was obsessed with double exposing images. I can do them in-camera with my Canon 6D so it’s a bit trickier than doing it with Photoshop, and it’s a lot of fun!

I’m not sure why but I seem to have forgotten about that feature for the longest time, and I remembered last week that it was something I could do with my camera and wanted to explore it again.

I gave it a try again with a tree blossoming near my flat and I forgot how much I love portrait double exposures, especially when they’re pretty subtle. It’s harder to do without a tripod when you’ve got a prime lens on and stupidly I didn’t take mine out with me but regardless I love how this turned out.

Processed with VSCO with q2 preset


Then while I was in Central yesterday I wandered by Liberty and thought I had to snap some photos of their gorgeous flower display. They’ve got a neon sign by the entrance for their little flower shop so I did some experimenting in getting the sign within the flowers, it’s simple but I think it looks so cool.

As well I thought I’d see how just double exposing the flowers with each other would work and the blend of colours looked really nice! I love how the roses look double exposed with the Liberty sign too, you can still subtly see them in the sky!

I’ll definitely be playing around more with the multiple exposure feature from now on, especially when I’m off traveling this year! It’s such a cool feature that I’ve been woefully neglecting. Double exposing images is pretty easily achievable in programs like Photoshop and there’s probably iPhone apps for it now so give it a go! :)

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