A Perfect Day in Brighton

This year I haven’t been able to travel abroad as much as I did last year, however even just a little trip to somewhere new in the UK does wonders for my soul. One place I’ve been wanting to properly visit for years now, is the seaside town of Brighton.

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The only time I’ve stepped foot in Brighton is for a concert many years ago, and we literally drove there, went to the concert, then drove home. I wouldn’t call it a proper look in! My boyfriend picked up quickly how much I wanted to visit, and on the sly he booked us some train tickets to go for a daytrip. When I finally knew about this surprise I was ecstatic, especially as the weather forecast was beautiful sunshine all day – a complete rarity for England!

I’m surprised that I’ve not been to Brighton yet considering it’s just under an hour away on the train from Victoria Station, but I’m so glad this was my first proper visit. We arrived in Brighton just after midday and were soon on our way to the seafront. With it being lunchtime and us feeling quite peckish the first port of call was to the Pier for fish and chips! Thankfully it wasn’t too busy along the Pier so we could happily amble along it to the end after lunch and snap some nice photos.

I loved how blue the sea is here, it’s still so clean and picturesque. Plus having been blessed with sunshine it made the whole view even better!

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Processed with VSCO with q5 presetAfter admiring the view on the Pier we headed back to the beachfront as Leo had something else planned, not that he was going to tell me! However when we approached it I suddenly realised and my excitement levels rose even higher. We were going to Sea Life! My childhood summers were spent mostly in the south of Spain in Benalmadena where I adored visiting the Sea Life Centre there so I have lots of happy memories of this place. Safe to say I haven’t been to one in years and it was so great to visit a new one.


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With that exciting visit done we decided to crash on the beach for a bit, at this point it was warm, borderline hot, a description not often applied to Britain. We’d also picked up ice creams on the way, because you can’t go to a beach in this weather without having an ice cream. When I closed my eyes it almost felt like I was abroad. I still can’t believe how lucky we were with the weather!

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Having soaked up the sun on the beach we headed to the Laines to have a wander round. I also knew there was a photobooth to be found so obviously I was in search of that. Walking through the Laines really reminded me of Deal, and area where I have family living, it was a nice parallel between seaside towns. We stopped off at various shops to have a nosey in, I really liked Bert’s Homestore, Junkfunk, and Inhouse Space for their home interior goodies.

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For photobooths, yes that’s a plural(!), we stopped off at Snooper’s Paradise first as this was the only one I knew about, and I spent £9 on photos of us (oops)! After leaving there we stumbled across a shop called Photomatic, with two photobooths standing inside – a shop dedicated to them! I had a fairly lengthy chat with the owner about my little obsession with photobooths and he explained he’d built these ones himself and they were a fusion between analogue and digital, it was all very fascinating. He also told us about another photobooth nearby in a shop called Beyond Retro so I dragged Leo along to find that one too!

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I’d appeased my photobooth obsession and so we headed back to the beach to relax some more in the sun before a secret dinner reservation. We’d walked further along the seafront this time towards the old Pier which looked striking against the sun’s reflection on the water. I adore being at the beach, I find it really calming and on a day like this it’s even better.

I love to get instax photos of days like this too, so I had my Instax Mini ready to take some cute photos of us and Brighton, I really love how these turned out. I’m so glad the Mini 90 has the self timer function, it really makes taking photos with it so easy sometimes!

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For dinner we went to The New Club, a very quirky little restaurant just by the seafront. This place was the style I love so Leo picked very well. They had board games tucked away in the corner so we played Scrabble before and after dinner and could see the sun setting while we ate. The food and atmosphere was really lovely and a perfect way to finish off the day.


Processed with VSCO with c3 presetWe then had to rush back to the train station to get back to London, and we were both absolutely exhausted by the end of the day, but I loved every minute of it.

I have a selection of happy days locked away in my memory so when I’m having a bad day I can remember those as a pick-me-up, and this will always be one of those days.



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