A Welsh Weekend

For our first Valentine’s Day together my boyfriend and I thought it’d be nice to take a little trip somewhere. Not entirely conventional but we picked South Wales to visit which meant a long road-trip and the fresh air of the countryside!

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The last time I visited Wales was a long time ago on a school trip and to the north of Wales, so I was looking forward to seeing what this end of the country was like. Unbelievably we had blue skies and sunshine for the journey when we’d been predicted at least grey clouds, Leo had said before that somehow he’s always been lucky enough to have sunshine when he’s visited the country and at this point I was starting to believe him…

With the help of trusty AirBnB we’d found a lovely cottage in Llandybie on a farm, with chickens, geese and peacocks roaming free round the yard! I don’t think I’ve ever seen peacocks in the flesh let alone this close up so I was thrilled, and look how beautiful they are! One morning we found them just outside our front door which was mad and wonderful.

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That evening we took a drive out to Black Mountain Pass which is one of Leo’s favourite roads to drive on and I could easily see why! It winds up and through the countryside of the Brecon Beacons and makes you feel like you’re in the scene of a movie – which is unsurprising as it’s often used in films and television, I’ve likely seen it in an episode of Top Gear! We stopped here to admire the last dregs of the sunset, a beautiful sight despite being bitter cold.

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Our next day in Wales involved a trip to the seaside! Friends of mine had visited Pendine Sands for New Years and I thought it looked like a beautiful beach to visit so we drove about an hour or so to reach it. We had one quick stop on the way by Laugharne Castle as it caught our eye and looked like a nice place to stretch our legs!

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From there it was only another twenty or so minutes to the beach! We’d packed a picnic so enjoyed that on the rocks, the sand was far too wet to sit on, and still the sun shone down with abandon. Despite it being half term there weren’t that many other people on the beach but those there did have very cute dogs with them which I enjoyed watching!

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Cheesy AF.

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The tide was so far out it meant there was a huge expanse of beach to walk down to get to the shore, I’d love to go back there in summer where there’s the potential of it being warm! I think even then it wouldn’t quite be warm enough to swim in…

On our last morning we had a lazy start to the day before packing up to return home. I made Leo take one final stop just before we left the AirBnB because it’d almost be a crime to go to Wales close to springtime and not photograph the the national flower in bloom! Daffodils will always remind me of my mum too so I had to get a snap of them.

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We were lucky again with another smooth drive back to the city, and London welcomed us back with a gorgeous hazy sunset over the city. I still can’t believe the weather we had when it was meant to be horribly cloudy! The weather was smiling down on us and we were not complaining.

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Our first day back in London the weather was miserable and raining, seems like quite a shock to the system in comparison with the glorious sunshine we were treated to! It was really lovely to get away for a few days, especially to be back in the clean countryside air but I did miss the city. Hopefully it won’t be too long before another trip!

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