In Your Hands

Today the lovely folk at Masterclass are launching a wonderful campaign for emerging creatives in the theatre industry to empower us on this crazy path we take!

By no means do I want to be an actress and be on the stage, but there’s so much more to theatre beyond that. As well, it isn’t something you absolutely have to study from a young age! Only a few years ago now did I properly get into theatre and in even less time I realised it’d be something I’d like to work in. Even so, I wasn’t sure of where I’d suit best to work in the industry so events like TheatreCraft have really helped me there.

Talking of TheatreCraft, sign yourself up for their monthly newsletter as often they have job and apprenticeship opportunities listed within their newsletter too! Naturally if you’re interested in a career in theatre beyond the stage you should also make sure you sign up to come along to TheatreCraft later on this year too!

Masterclass works to help new talent grow, they have industry professionals giving talks and workshops (which are free for those under 30!), an apprenticeship scheme and an incredible scheme called Pitch Your Play where new writers can submit their work and potentially gain the guidance and ability to have it staged – a dream come true!

Getting into the theatre industry isn’t the easiest thing, and the job market all over is a bit of a minefield for young people, creatives especially, at the moment. However I promise you that if you persevere and keep at it, you’ll get there!

My main advice to anyone is to be confident. Don’t shy away from opportunities even if they scare the living daylights out of you, search and apply for everything, drop your CV in at theatres with a cover letter explaining what sort of work you’re looking for to see if they have anything going (jobs aren’t always advertised on websites!) and remember that the worst answer you can receive is a no. Even if you don’t hear back immediately at least you know your CV is in their records and if something comes up they already have your details to contact you.

Another tip would be to network, connect with people! Twitter is such a wonderful thing for this as you have such easy access to the community. Follow fringe theatres and fellow young creatives, go see small productions to discover what sort of theatre you like best or which aspects of it. Don’t stop watching and querying! If you loved a show, contact them after to say how much you enjoyed it, or even more specifically if you loved a certain element of it e.g, lighting, set design, sound, find out who made that possible and begin a rapport with them – everyone loves a compliment!

Lastly, if you can, volunteer your time. Especially if you’re a student and able to organise a block of time as work experience! I know it’s hard to work unpaid for a long amount of time but you don’t have to give up all your time – even if you’re volunteering a few hours a week here and there it’ll help you learn and perfect your craft, and make you feel a bit more prepared for the working world of theatre.

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I really hope this post has helped some of those reading, get involved in the campaign by posting a photo saying what element of theatre you are or want to be working in and don’t forget to tag @MasterclassTRH!

Here’s a few people I’d recommend to follow – TheatreCraft, Masterclass, Old Vic New Voices, Cardboard Citizens, National Theatre :)

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