Columbia Road Flower Market

It’s only been a couple weeks since I moved to the city but already I’ve been able to tick off a few things on my ‘London List’, and this Sunday I finally visited Columbia Road’s famous flower market.

We went quite late in the day, the market is always only on a Sunday between 8am-3pm(ish), so by the time we got there around 2pm it was very busy with a lot going on. I hadn’t even seen photos of the market before so wasn’t aware of how cramped it would be but I’d hazard a guess that if you go first thing in the morning it’s a bit quieter and not as claustrophobic.

On the flip-side I think that’s one of the things that makes a real market when it’s bustling with people and noise, I especially love hearing the different ways market sellers attract you to the stalls, some of the comments being thrown out from behind the flowers made us laugh out loud!

As you’ll have guessed from the title, Columbia Road’s market is full of gorgeous flowers, herbs and plants in all sizes, and when you’re in the area you can tell who’s visited the market due to the tell-tale brown paper wrapped bouquets they’ll be holding, or the ginormous plants they’re taking with them on the Overground (a hilarious sight).

Naturally for anyone with a camera this market is a wondrous place with all the colours and textures, so I had a jolly ol’ time snapping away. Here’s some of my favourites from the trip, and some of my favourite flowers in general!


While being a beautiful market to walk through, it’s also incredibly cheap! With lots of offers on bulk bouquets as well, I took home 5 lots of flowers for a grand total of £15 and they’re now in four different rooms in the house. There’s something for everyone, so I can easily see anyone enjoying coming to Columbia Road on a Sunday and taking home some gorgeous plants!


We also stopped for a quick drink down from the market at a cute coffee shop called Nkora, after working as a barista I’ve been trying to limit my coffee intake so had a hot chocolate rather than caffeine but was thrilled to see some milk art on top anyway! It makes me miss the struggles of perfecting a flat white.

All in all, a very lovely Sunday.

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