Moving to London (A Sequel)

In the last two years I’ve moved in and out of five places, and let me tell you, it is one of my least favourite things to do now. I’ve done quite a lot of it alone as well which hasn’t helped. Finally though I feel like I can settle somewhat.

It still seems very surreal to me that I’ve moved and I’m back in the city that I love for good, it’ll probably take a long while for that to be a concrete thing in my mind. I’m really bloody happy about it. I wanted to move to London back in September of 2014 but everything in my life was still so up in the air, and looking back now had I moved then my life wouldn’t be the same as it is now, and I’m pretty damn pleased with how it is at the moment.

I never thought that London would end up being where I want to base myself, when my friends and I spoke about the future as kids I think I probably thought it’d be nice but didn’t believe it would happen, I didn’t know what would be there for me or how I’d see myself falling in love with the city.

More on that in another post!

On January 17th I moved one half of my flat stuffed into the car down to SW, and then a week later the rest of it was brought down too, and as I mentioned in this post, I have a lot of stuff that I still want to get rid of! Already though I feel like I’ve managed to decrease my belongings significantly and I feel great for it – highly recommend a massive spring clean.

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I’m lucky that I wake up with the sunrise coming through my window, and in just over half an hour I can be in Central London wandering round my favourite spots and discovering new ones, ticking things off the London List that I’ve not been able to make time for previously. It’s a wonderful city.

Processed with VSCOcam with q10 presetProcessed with VSCOcam with c2 preset

I’m really excited for this move and to be back in London, it feels like this time it’s going to go right and I’ve got a lot of good vibes. My Instagram is also enjoying this move and yes this is shameless self-promotion but why not go and check it out haha!


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