Lumiere of London

Nothing beats wandering around the streets of London in the day or at night, but it’s even better when parts of it have been transformed into art installations! The Lumiere Festival has taken over Central London and there is so much to see.

Starting in Leicester Square you can see the Garden of Light by TILT, a wonderful Alice in Wonderland-esque display of larger than life flowers, a welcome sight after the square looking quite barren after the Christmas market finished!



It’s a beautiful, mesmerising display to walk through and there’s plenty to see and photograph. From Leicester Square I walked down to Trafalgar Square to see what had been done there as part of the festival. It’s fascinating to see what artist group Luzinterruptus have done with the fountains – as you’re walking down the steps to the square the fountains look like gorgeous crushed glass pieces of art, but on closer inspection they’ve actually been filled with plastic bottles!


It’s a clever idea to do a spin like this, and I’m sure it’s shocking and amazing a lot of those visiting Trafalgar Square currently. Certainly put the thoughts of waste and art into my mind, and how the two can easily intertwine.


From Trafalgar Square I walked back on up to Piccadilly Circus and honestly wasn’t expecting the spectacle that is happening there in Les Luminéoles by Porté par le vent! This is a full performance piece in my eyes, again quite reminiscent of Alice in Wonderland and also The Light Princess (for the theatre fans who read my blog you may have seen it!) with the ethereal fish dancing in the sky. I think they’re somehow suspended by the buildings but also being controlled by those on the ground manipulating their movements, and it’s really magical to watch.


The streets are closed off so you can roam in the road at leisure, stop and take photos, really soak it all in. The whole experience was made even better by the gorgeous music playing through the street which again felt very magical and reminded me of a Danny Elfman soundtrack, perfectly suiting the art.


Walking up to Oxford Circus I had a feeling that the piece here would be my favourite one, and I was right in thinking so! Suspended above Oxford Circus station is 1.8 London by Janet Echelman, a stunning web of light and colour. In researching this now I’ve only just realised it’s an interactive piece as well as the colours can be controlled by audience members via an app – amazing! It’s incredible simply to watch it changing and drifting though, and it reminded me a lot of seeing the Northern Lights in Iceland last year – that’s probably why it’s my favourite one!


These are just a few of the festivals pieces adorning the capital, you can see the full programme of installations here until 10:30pm on Sunday the 17th of January. Even though it’s getting chilly these gorgeous sights will certainly add some warmth to your trip to the city!

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