Hoarding Habits

It’s typical to have a ‘spring clean’, though I never seem to have them in Spring. As it’s the beginning of the year what better time to rid yourself of some unneeded belongings to lighten the load!

It’s worth mentioning here that I am a hoarder. The worst. In the past week I’ve found cinema tickets from 2008, about four different kinds of currency, many theatre pamphlets and a million hair grips that obviously I can never find when they’re actually needed.

Filling up bags of stuff and throwing them out is great. Of course I’ve got bags to go to the charity shops too, I’m not throwing things that can be used again away because that’s just silly. It’s nice to think of someone else being able to get use out of the things that are simply cluttering up your own life.

I’m having to be really brutal though, because I have so much crap. I keep things thinking “Oh, I’ll make a scrapbook one day and that’ll have to go in it,” or “That’ll come in handy surely?” and the next thought should be “No no NO Rukaya!”, so I’m trying to think that a bit more. Ideally I’d like to minimise the amount of stuff I have to a few suitcases and a camera backpack, but that’s a very far off dream at the minute.

What is it that makes us hold on to so much stuff? When I had the really fun task of emptying out my childhood home I couldn’t believe how my mum and I had accumulated that many possessions over the years, and with multiple trips to the tips and charity shops we didn’t even seem to make a dent in it. By no means am I a minimalist person, but wow I wish I was.

I’m not too sure where I’m going with this post, but it’s all I’ve been doing this week so felt like it was relevant to chat about it. On that note, I’m off to the recycling centre.

Formally known as the tip.

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