My Day at TheatreCraft!

Last year I attended TheatreCraft as the general public and absolutely loved my time there. I’ve been subscribed to their newsletter since and subsequently saw they were looking for volunteers to join their Digital Media Team and knew I wanted to join in!

12270293_10153143887735766_1177093416_nHaving sent them an email with links to this blog, my YouTube channel and social media, I was soon in correspondence to join the team and I was so thrilled.

This is the first time I’ve ever done something like this, and I have to say I was quite nervous the night before the event. We were meeting at the Royal Opera House early on the 20th (early for me anyway, I’m not a morning person!) and from there the day went by in an absolute blur.

My responsibilities on the Media Team was to be in control of TheatreCraft’s social media while also collecting video content to put together into a small vlog of the day. At first I was apprehensive to be posting content as someone other than myself but within no time I got right into it and loved being on the TheatreCraft account! I didn’t want to stop haha.

It was so much fun interacting with people who were on their way to the event and really excited, or already there and having a great time. Also because I was up at our media desk, in a couple of workshops or kind of running around a bit I didn’t get to have a nosey around the marketplace until later in the day – but thanks to being on the Twitter feed I was able to keep up with what was going on everywhere regardless!


Our day began with the opening speeches, my favourite part of this was Indhu Rubasingham, artistic director of the Tricycle Theatre and TheatreCraft Ambassador, telling us about how she ended up involved in theatre despite having come from a science background, and how she wished TheatreCraft had been around when she first fell in love with theatre so she could’ve attended! It was really inspiring to hear about how hard she’s worked and reassuring to know you can change your direction in life and it can still work out great.

TheatreCraft organisers, steering group and volunteers, Photo by Alex Rumford

TheatreCraft celebrates its 10th anniversary at the Royal Opera House. Photo: Alex Rumford

IIMG_0119n my schedule I first attended a theatre make-up workshop by Bridget Foster and while that isn’t something I see myself doing it was fascinating to learn more about the depth the make-up, hair and costume department go to to develop a show. Bridget gave attendees tips on how best to approach this part of the industry and had Erin with her demonstrating some of the make-up and hair techniques she’s been learning as a current apprentice, an encouraging sight for those in the workshop looking to make it their career!

After the make-up workshop I was scheduled to be in on Writing For the Arts with Stewart Pringle which I found to be really relevant and so useful considering as I obviously love writing on this blog but I know I’ve got so much more to learn. I enjoyed Stewart’s approach to giving this workshop as he really let the attendees take the reigns of discussion and ask him lots of questions so they could get the answers they specifically wanted rather than just having information thrown at them. It was a brilliant insight to this sector of the industry and I know I personally took a lot away from it.


TheatreCraft has grown bigger and bigger each year and the turn out this time was incredible, it was amazing to see so many people coming into the Royal Opera House, attending all the workshops and filling up the marketplace! Someone did tell me the rough number of attendees but I’ve totally forgotten it now – it was an incredible turn out though.


The celebration cake for TheatreCraft’s 10th birthday was made by an amazing lady, My Fair Cakery, we were all blown away by the detail that went into it, this cake was an art-form in itself! I mean just look, it even had its own lighting set up! It didn’t just look good too – under all that glorious decoration, it was a chocolate sponge. Catherine Parker, you make a bloody good cake.

I honestly didn’t want to leave the Opera House at the end of the day, I didn’t want it to be over! I had a hell of a lot of fun, and I’m proud of what I achieved on the day. On TheatreCraft’s Twitter I helped them reach 3,000 followers which was awesome and just in general I really enjoyed all the interaction with our attendees, I guess that was to be expected as I’m a very sociable person regardless!


Not only did I have a lot of fun, but TheatreCraft this year really helped me feel comfortable in the direction I’m trying to go in with where I’d like to be in the theatre industry. Just being surrounded by so many wonderful like-minded individuals certainly helped too. I know a lot of people came away from the event feeling incredibly inspired and confident with their decisions too; that’s a pretty heart-warming feeling.

Already I can’t wait for next year’s TheatreCraft, where hopefully I’ll be able to be on the DMT and repeat all the fun again! :)

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