Jonathan Reid Gealt | Whatever I Want It To Be

At the beginning of October Jonathan Reid Gealt returned to the UK, two years after his last concerts here, to the St. James Studio where he premiered songs from the new album as well as songs from his previous albums that we know and love.

I had the pleasure of photographing the concert, and wanted to share some of my favourite photos ahead of the album’s release on November 29th.

Joining the concert were some of the West End’s finest, and on the album itself you’ll be able to hear some amazing Broadway voices too so I can’t wait to hear the full album!


Melissa James and Rebecca Trehearn


L-R: Andy Coxon, Jonathan Reid Gealt, Katie Hall, Lee van Geleen, Ceili O’Connor


Jodie Sam-Steele

As the album title suggests, the new work from Gealt is a mix of genres and styles that he just wanted to create with. His previous album, Here For You, was made up of purely ballads so he wanted to experiment with the music a bit more and create a completely different album!


Scott Garnham


Danny Colligan and Jonathan Reid Gealt


Katie Hall


Andy Coxon


Danny Colligan

Jonathan has today released a studio session video of the title track which sounds incredible, you can watch it here to get a taste of what this album will be like!

Whatever I Want It To Be will be available on November 29th.


More images from the concert can be found on my photography site :)

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