A Week in D.C.

From England, to New York City, to Canada, we finally ended up in Washington D.C.! After so much travelling we were quite relieved to just be able to relax for a moment or two. Thankfully with family time, comes a lot of relaxing time.

Our first day in Washington D.C. was literally the laziest day. After being on the move so much in the past couple of days, between September 27th & 28th we took 3 flights and 3 long bus journeys in 48 hours, I wouldn’t recommend it! I think we spent the whole of our first day indoors, and we definitely felt better for doing so!

It was so nice to be in a homely environment that we could completely relax in, as much as I love travelling when you’re constantly go go go you definitely need a moment to just stop and recoup.

We ventured out the next day just to see the local shopping mall (or shopping centre as we know it in Britain haha), and go for a walk round the area. For some weird reason I’m always fascinated by the shops in different countries, it’s really odd I know but I just like having a nosey at the normal places to see how they differ by country.


We got round to being tourists on our third day in the capital, but typically by this point D.C. had decided that some rain was due, and it literally poured the entire day. We’d gone from being sweaty and too hot in New York to feeling like we were back in home weather! I took a sec to pretend that I was in Singin’ in the Rain (always time for a musical theatre moment), by Capitol Hill!


Despite the rain we carried on, trying to see as much as we could. We ended up popping into the United States Botanic Garden just to escape the rain. When I was younger these places used to bore me a little but I find now that they’re really fascinating so we enjoyed wandering round. This flower was one of my favourites!

The great thing about Washington D.C. is that most of their museums etc are free admission, so we did literally just walk into the gardens! I think this is a great way to promote learning, and after being in the gardens we walked towards the National Museum of the American Indian, knowing we could go in for free. I’m sure had we had to pay entry for these we would’ve been less inclined to visit!

This museum really was an eye-opener. In our school I remember we’d been taught a little bit about American history but honestly it’s not covered much, and certainly not this part of American history. We were shocked that the cultural erasure had only really ceased in the past few decades – that it was still a thing happening when our parents had been born. It was fascinating and thought provoking to be educated on this, and as well we were impressed that for the most part it was being told in a relatively unbiased way (we tagged along to a group with a tour guide), and the way the guides spoke about the events made it seem that they were fully aware of how bad it made the Americans look. They weren’t trying to hide anything. It was a very insightful visit.

12144911_10153072214570766_8271499627227348402_nThe next day we ventured out into the rain once again, determined to be tourists again! We managed to see the White House, leisurely from the North Lawn and for about 2 minutes from the South Lawn (when I finally get that video uploaded there’ll be some context for that haha! I’ll pop a link here when it’s live), but it was good to see it regardless. We then walked to the Washington Monument and also saw the World War 2 memorial, and finally onto the Lincoln Memorial. An eventful walk!! As it was consistently raining sadly we didn’t stop much at the memorials apart from the Lincoln Memorial where there was shelter, but we at least got to see them in person.

At the World War 2 Memorial


So regardless of the awful weather I’m really glad we still went out to see the sights of Washington. It’s safe to say I’d not been that cold and soaked to the bone in quite some time!

On Friday night we went out for an evening of bowling! We had so much fun with my cousin and her little family, plus some of her work colleagues came along too so we all had a good laugh. I’m pretty awful at bowling so was proud of myself for not coming absolutely last in our games!

Typical that we stayed in Washington D.C. the week that there were mild hurricane warnings, which thankfully didn’t result in much except for more rain and wind, so we spent most of the weekend indoors.

Even more typical, on our last day before flying home the weather was back to glorious sunshine! We had a relaxing morning before heading towards the Columbia Heights area, and finally went into Target! I mentioned earlier how much I weirdly enjoy going into other countries supermarkets, I mean this was the cherry on top. Their Halloween section was the same size as some of the smaller supermarkets we have here. Seriously.

We stopped off at a place called Zombie Coffee & Donuts where you could basically personalise donuts from the glaze, flavour and toppings, and we had a lot of fun picking some different donut combinations! This one was strawberry and coconut – so delicious!

Soon after it was time to head to the airport. I hate nothing more than saying goodbye at the airport. Recently it doesn’t take much for me to cry so I’m quite proud of myself for not bawling the minute we left my cousin and her beautiful boys and walked into the airport! I think it’s easier this time because I know it won’t be long until I see them again, whereas the last time we did this we weren’t sure when we’d see each other again!

Processed with VSCOcam with q4 preset12108113_10153076311565766_6288846146099778577_n

So in two weeks we covered two countries, three states over six flights and three long buses – I daren’t even think of how many miles we ended up walking too!

This was definitely one of the best trips I’ve ever taken. I’m incredibly glad to have done it with one of my best friends too, because even through the stressful moments that come with travelling we made light of the things that went wrong and still had a bloody good time anyway.

Here’s to more travels like this! :)

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