Niagara Falls at Night

In 1997 my parents and I came to Niagara Falls; I have a few distant memories of visiting the falls and being terrified. Even just walking round the falls it’s quite loud and you can feel the mist from the viewing areas so I’m sure as a little toddler being on a boat near them was pretty terrifying!

For a laugh, have a photo of Mum and I when I last saw the falls. That blue blob at the bottom there is me haha!

Fast forward 18 years. We left New York City early on the 27th of September, and flew up to Buffalo airport from JFK. Having missed the direct Greyhound bus we instead decided to take two local buses to get to Canada.

In total from leaving NYC to Canada we spent over eight hours travelling. EIGHT! Plus the buses we had to get from Buffalo airport were pretty grim, and as they were local they stopped just about everywhere. We’d also somehow acquired a group of other tourists who presumed we knew what we were doing/knew where we were going… Not a chance!

Considering it only cost us $4 though we couldn’t complain too much.

Anyway, it took a long time for us to even get to the border and when we got there we still had to walk across Rainbow Bridge (great name for a bridge) to enter Canada. I’m sorry, but how bizarre is that?! We literally walked from the USA to Canada. I can’t get over it.

By this point we were sweaty, exhausted, and pretty over it. I quickly dismissed the idea of us walking to our AirBNB and we took a taxi.

We struck absolute gold with this AirBNB, we arrived at Spring Manor House to meet our wonderful hosts, Jacqueline and Scott, who welcomed us in so kindly and Scott bless him lugged our very heavy bags upstairs for us. Jackie had upgraded us to one of the bigger rooms which was so sweet of her, and we ended up in the room with the king size bed – perfect! After chatting with her about the nightmare journey we rested and refreshed before heading out to see the falls in all their glory.

We thought the illuminations began at 8pm so arrived there at around 7:45pm, it was only when just past 8pm all was still dark that we actually looked it up and found out they started at 8:30pm!

Lucky that we were there a bit early though as it soon got busy and crowded so at least we had an unobstructed view.

Then at 8:30, the show began!

Watching the falls light up and change colours was a magical sight, there are usually fireworks on a Sunday evening too but unfortunately they weren’t on this time. We also had the superblood moon eclipse happening above the falls too, so there was certainly a lot to see!

IMG_9099IMG_9055IMG_9090 IMG_9094IMG_9087 IMG_9088IMG_9085 IMG_9061 IMG_9051

As you can see, I got a bit snap happy…

We stopped for a quick dinner before heading back to our B&B and had the best night’s sleep, that bed was beyond comfy. I slept so deeply I didn’t even dream!

In the morning we awoke to the smell of bacon and soon went downstairs for breakfast, we’d found out the night before that Scott was actually a chef and I’d read raving reviews about their breakfast so there were high expectations. I ordered the Farmer’s Breakfast and Sabine went with the French Toast, and boy were both dishes amazing. They’d also made s’mores cookies for us to have, how cute!

The presentation of the food was also so incredible, we hadn’t paid a lot to stay in this AirBNB but the level of quality and detail in everything was unreal. You’d pay so much for this in a restaurant!

It was genuinely a sad moment having to leave this lovely B&B to make our way to the Greyhound back to Buffalo airport, but I know this’ll be the place to stay whenever I next visit Niagara Falls. Jackie and Scott were wonderful and made us feel beyond welcome in their beautiful home – hell I’d visit for that breakfast alone! ;) Of course it was incredible to see Niagara Falls again especially at nighttime, next time I’ll make sure there’s time for a boat trip too.

Then we were back on the road again for part three of the America adventure!

Our lovely AirBNB & Hosts!

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