The New York CityPass

When booking everything for our trip to New York, we wanted to find something that would save us some money on the tourist bits and bobs. Last time I came to NYC we had the New York Pass and while it was brilliant I remember it being rather pricey! So we got our research hats on…

We came across the New York CityPass and with the price and set up of it, it seemed too good to be true – even after we’d paid for it and everything I thought there had to be a catch somewhere. I won’t leave you on a cliffhanger – thankfully we were very pleased with our CityPass experience!

The CityPass is valid for 9 consecutive days once you’ve started to use the pass, you can buy it in advance or at an attraction that is included in the pass and you’ll pay the same price online and in person. If you buy the pass online you simply pick it up at the first attraction you wish to visit (just make sure you’ve got the confirmation email!). Immediately this was a more attractive option in comparison with the New York Pass as you’re restricted on days with that. If you’re planning a short trip to the city but don’t want to be confined to cramming everything in in a short space of time the CityPass is instantly going to be a kinder option for you!

While the New York Pass offers you admission to over 80 NY attractions, realistically unless you plan to not sleep of course you’re not going to be able to get to all of those attractions! The CityPass offers admission to 9 of NYC’s top attractions, with a few either/or options in that list. So to simplify that – with the CityPass you can visit the Empire State Building (twice in one day too!),  the Metropolitan Museum of Art and the American Museum of Natural History. Then your either/or options are the Top of the Rock Observatory or the Guggenheim Museum,  the Statue of Liberty & Ellis Island cruise or Circle Line Sightseeing Cruise and the 9/11 Memorial Museum or the Intrepid Sea, Air and Space museum.

That was a long ol’ list I know – let me quickly do the math for you to see what we picked with their normal admission price, and how we saved!

Out of that list we went to:IMG_8762

  • Empire State Building $32 (twice, so $64!)
  • Top of the Rock $30
  • 9/11 Museum $24
  • Statue of Liberty $18
  • American Museum of Natural History $22

Grand total: $158

How much did we pay for the CityPass you ask? *drumroll please*…


In comparison with paying almost double that for other passes, I’ll happily take that!

Now considering as we only just managed to fit all those trips in with everything else we were doing in the city (Broadway shows, seeing friends, shopping and exploring on foot rather than bus tour), we saved $70 each, $140 in total. We were incredibly happy with that. As much as it’s wonderful to have 80+ options with the New York Pass, realistically you can cover the main tourist points with this little booklet. We also received audio guides at the attractions which would normally cost extra too!

So if you couldn’t tell – I’ll sing the CityPass’ praises happily. I’m really glad we went with this, yes you do still have to queue to get into some of the attractions to get through ticket/security checks etc, but if you want a queue-free trip you’re looking at paying a lot more than we did, and as we went just after peak season it wasn’t too busy anyway. This is definitely the way to go if you want to cover the main tourist spots of NYC at a cheaper price!

I hope this blog was helpful if you’re going to NYC soon, have a wonderful time if you are! :)

Find out more on New York CityPass!

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