New York in an Instant

Just before I went to America I treated myself to a new toy –  Fujifilm’s Instax Neo 90 Classic! I own a couple other of their instant cameras but had read a lot of reviews on this one and thought it’d be a fantastic addition to my camera collection.

I hadn’t really played around with the camera much before we arrived in America so was very much learning on it while shooting out there. The other Fujifilm cameras I have are the Instax Wide 210 (which coincidentally I bought while in New York a long time ago) and the Instax Mini 8 which was my smaller counterpart to the 210.

My reasoning for purchasing the Neo 90 was how much more creativity you have with it – it hosts a whole load of different features such as multiple exposure and bulb, as well as giving you more control over the exposure, the flash and focus; things that were lacking in the 210 and Mini 8.

gif: photojojo (best camera store)

The build of the Neo 90 is really nice, and the overall visual of it is far more appealing, in my opinion, to the other cameras in the Mini series. Its design is reminiscent of analogue cameras, and just looks a bit classier! It comes in this black style or a nice faux leather brown style too.

Instant film isn’t cheap at all, so I personally try to make every photo worth the £1 or so it’s costing. I’m trying to break out of this mentality because these photos look so cool printed out it doesn’t matter if they aren’t perfect, and I want to use it more and more. Hopefully soon I’ll be able to fill a wall of instax prints!

There really is something magical about these photos and watching them develop in front of you, while in NYC I got a lot of looks from people who were looking at the camera first confused, then fascinated as the photo whirred out of the top of the camera. It brings a lot of fun to the process!

The photo on the left was the first time I tried out the multiple exposure feature on the Neo 90. We were at the Ground Zero memorial and spotted this beautiful beaded flower as a memorial, and I thought that paired with the Freedom Tower could look really nice, and I’m very pleased with how the print turned out.

Next to that was my first bulb test on the Neo 90! This was a tricky one to do without a tripod (the Neo 90 does have a tripod mount too which is handy) and the bulb only allows for around 10 seconds but this was enough to get a decent shot of the skyline from the Empire State Building :)

I really love the vivid colours you get from instant film, and I absolutely adore having these credit card sized prints. I often keep one in my purse and it always makes me smile when it catches my eye.

I’m thinking of doing a comparison post or video soon about the three different instant cameras I own so look out for that if this is something that interests you, if not I hope you enjoyed this post regardless! I’ve got a whole lot of New York/America blogs coming up so keep an eye out. :)

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