52 Weeks Project | Week Thirty Eight

This week I’m having the best time, because we’re in New York City! One of my favourite places that I haven’t been to since the start of 2011, and it feels so great to be back.

I’m here with my best friend Sabine who hadn’t been to America before let alone New York City, so we’ve been doing lots of touristy thing, lots of walking and naturally I’ve been taking lots of photos.

On our first full day in the city we visited the Rockefeller Centre and went up to the Top of the Rock observatory and I couldn’t resist having a bit of a cliché photo done. As I don’t have a tripod with me I had to use Sabine as my human tripod. After about ten minutes of posing, laughing, teaching Sabine how to use my camera and attempting to get this photo, we managed to get one that I really really liked.

I liked it so much I knew it would be my photo for this project this week, I absolutely adore this view and it’s so amazing to be here again.

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