Thoughts While Stuck on the Runway

Yesterday we flew from London Gatwick to JFK, scheduled to leave at 18:05, and we laughed at the irony of us boarding at Gate 13 (not that we’re massively superstitious but y’know), but we certainly weren’t laughing when Norwegian Air left us sat on the runway for two hours with little idea as to what was going on…


12003166_10153056140760766_2944270946817508024_nSome quick thoughts from the plane:

  1. This sucks, but in the grand scheme of things I’d rather they fix whatever is wrong while we’re on the ground rather than in the air.
  2. However, maybe we shouldn’t have joked as much about the irony of us boarding at Gate 13.
  3. Again, yes this is a pain but at least we didn’t have plans for tonight – we aren’t missing anything except a couple of hours we’d be asleep anyway!
  4. There’s not much point getting frustrated in a situation you have no control over.
  5. I wish I had the courage to say that to the very angry man we’re lucky to be sat next to (Sabine affectionately called him an angry little badger and I’m still laughing about it now), who is absolutely effing and blinding over the situation – sounds like he’s a frequent Norwegian flyer as he mutters “Every bloody time,”, why would you carry on flying with them if you know this happens a lot?
  6. On the positive side at least I managed to watch Interstellar practically in full before we even took off – good film.

Now to explore New York City! :)

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