52 Weeks Project | Week Thirty Seven

Short but sweet one for this week’s post as it’s currently 3:30am and I really should be sleeping…

This week has been quite exciting but even so I’ve just been waiting for it to go because I’ve never been more excited for a Monday – tomorrow, technically today, I’m off to America! Ahhhhh!

Back to the past week, I’ve been in London to see the press night performance of Kinky Boots which was very exciting, and also in London again on Friday night for the launch gig of To Do. To Be. which was a lovely night.

This week I’ve also been to a beautiful wedding which was a fun excuse to get dolled up on a Friday afternoon! At work yesterday I also had an amazing flat white day which was awesome. These coffees are a bugger to make well on a normal day but to be able to make a lot of nice-looking ones literally made me feel so great.


In readiness for America I treated myself to a new instant camera to document the trip more than I will do anyway digitally, so this is just a quick snap on the new camera!

Now to try and get some sleep before packing the last few bits and heading to the airport, hopefully my next blog will be NYC-centric if I get my act together! ;)

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