To Do. To Be. | Album Launch

On September 7th the latest album from Tim Prottey-Jones was released and to celebrate the new album two free intimate launch gigs were announced, the first of which took place at The Theatre Café on the 18th of September.

The evening was very laid back with things kicking off around quarter to 11 so those who were performing but also in shows would have time to make it over to the well loved café!

First up to sing their song on the album was Paul Ayres who is currently in the West End production of Kinky Boots, with The Song of Sin – this is such a great upbeat song so was perfect to start the evening!

Following Paul was Ambra Caserotti to sing her song from the album, Regret Me. It’s been a long time since I last saw Ambra performing but her name is always one I remember because I adore her voice, there’s such a gorgeous quality to it and this song is perfectly matched to her style. On the album Regret Me has been arranged to the piano so it was interesting hearing it performed with a guitar and Alex Marchisone accompanying on cajón instead – I love both versions!

The next guests were Evelyn Hoskins, who was recently in Carrie at the Southwark Playhouse and Brian Gilligan who is currently in The Commitments. These are two performers I’d yet to see live but have really enjoyed listening to their track, You, on the album so it was fantastic hearing them perform it live!

Then we were introduced to the hilarious Joe Tracini, who recently toured the UK in the latest production of Spamalot. He performed his track from the album – Sunshine and brought a lot of laughter to the crowd before and after his song too.

Sadly due to illness Jacqueline Hughes couldn’t be at the launch to perform her song from the album, I’ll Be With You Always, so Tim asked Tori Allen-Martin (co-writer on the album) to perform an older song of theirs from a musical they wrote together; Tori performed Strong Without You from After the Turn.

I’m a huge fan of Tori and her voice, it feels like such a long time since I’ve been able to see her so it was a real treat to hear her gorgeous voice again especially when it’s paired with music so personal to her – I mean she wrote it so of course it’s personal! Her and Tim are a brilliant creative team and watching them perform together is wonderful.

Joe then returned to sing another song in a very impromptu fashion; Tim mentioned that Joe really liked this other song from the album but needed the lyrics – hilariously Joe had printed them out in a very small font so a thrown together version of Leaving For You (originally sung by Arthur Darvill on the album) was performed. While it wasn’t the slickest version of the song it was very fun to watch them and Joe seemed to be having the best time!

Despite Jacqueline being unable to perform Tori stepped in to perform I’ll Be With You Always and it was beautiful to hear her version of it! It’s a song that pulls at the heart strings and is a personal favourite of mine from To Do. To Be.

It was a fantastic launch gig overall, really laid back and a lot of fun with everyone there rallying together to support Tim’s new album. It was also really exciting to see The Theatre Café being used for a concert, despite it being a small space I think it’ll work well for mini-concerts like this in the future; it creates such an excellent atmosphere.

There’ll be another launch concert on September 25th with more performers from the album singing their songs. Tickets for it are free, if you’re interested in attending (which I’d highly recommend!) you can find out info on tickets here and don’t worry, you’ll be able to make the last tube home after too!

Buy To Do. To Be. | Tim Prottey-Jones | The Theatre Café

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