The Dog House

Last year my brother and I were chatting and he mentioned that he wanted to start a hot dog business – he’s very entrepreneurial and already had one successful business under his belt but felt like he wanted to try something new. Fast forward a year later and I’m very proud to say that he’s made The Dog House come to life!

While The Dog House, located in Deal (South-East England), opened mid-August I’d sadly yet to visit it until last weekend – after seeing so many positive comments about the restaurant already I couldn’t wait to try everything myself!

As it was a big group of my family in the restaurant we were treated to share dishes of pork scratchings and onion rings to start with while we enjoyed delicious strawberry daiquiris! I ordered The Cosy Dog which is a hot dog wrapped in bacon in a soft brioche bun with sweet potato fries (my absolute favourite!) on the side with a yummy slaw too. There were many other toppings I could’ve picked to go with my hot dog but I thought as it was my first tasting I’d keep it simple! The main meal was absolutely outstanding.

Depending on what you fancy you can have a really plain hotdog or you can go all out with spices and toppings – whatever you want they’ll be happy to make for you! There are a range of specials too which will be changing throughout the year, I know my brother has a list ready of the different hot dogs he wants to introduce over time!

The restaurant is a huge space broken up into four large seating areas and one central area for the bar and take away orders, so it’s perfect for large groups to come for a meal. A complete makeover was done on the restaurant for it to become The Dog House so it’s very fresh and modern with quirky pooch prints on the walls. It’s very minimalistic but stylish, keeping the focus on the high quality food and drink.

In between our hot dogs and dessert Sabine and I shared one of the massive milkshakes, we’d watched my nephews sharing ‘The Chocolate Labrador’ but decided to try ‘The Poor Pink Poodle’ which was a scrumptious strawberry milkshake.

Rather than us all ordering individual desserts we had a selection of all the desserts The Dog House has to offer so we could try a bit of everything. In the dessert menu there are homemade ice creams, crepes, and churros which can all be paired with chocolate or salted caramel sauce. If at this point you aren’t drooling there’s something wrong with you! The ice cream was absolutely incredible, the chocolate one especially I think I may need to bring a tub of it home with me next time I visit!  The salted caramel sauce disappeared in minutes and it didn’t take long for all the plates to be practically licked clean – all the desserts were winners!

All the food can be served in smaller children’s portions also so don’t fret if you want to bring kids along to the restaurant too! I mean look how much my niece was loving her meal – toddler seal of approval!

I’m hoping by now you’re feeling really hungry and want to visit The Dog House immediately, if so you can have a look at the full menu here to prepare your stomach for the visit and you can also find all the opening times etc on The Dog House Facebook page here, with a website coming soon! Check out @thedoghousedeal on Twitter too for yummy updates :)

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