52 Weeks Project | Week Thirty Six

Oh look once again it’s the end of the week and Rukaya has yet again not done a photo in daylight and is therefore resorting to other means for a somewhat interesting picture. Good!

Today (Sunday) I have spent a lot of time driving all the way down to Deal in Kent to see my family and visit my brother’s restaurant (more on that later). This was absolutely wonderful, but it also meant that with this drive plus the drive to London last weekend I’ve probably driven about 500 miles this week. For some people who drive all the time for work etc this isn’t a lot, I know, but considering recently as my work is in walking distance and I haven’t had the need to drive much – I’m happy to now not be in my car for more than say half an hour for a very long time!

As I say though, it was so lovely to see my family and I’m incredibly grateful that I’ve got to see so much of the César’s in the past week. If only we lived a bit closer!

This week at work I was given my first bean badge and also my flat white badge which I’m really proud of! I’ve only been at Costa for four months now and I feel like I’ve achieved a lot in that time already so it’s great to now have these :) We do joke though that we have so many badges on our shirts we’re decorated like Christmas trees haha!

Another thing this week is that I went to the cinema with some chummies on Friday to see Irrational Man, which was an incredibly odd film in my opinion, I still haven’t quite made up my mind as to how I feel about it… Talking of films I saw my lovely friend Katie, who coincidentally has just started her own blog, go check it out here, this week and we had a good old natter about a (maybe short, maybe not) film we’ll be shooting next summer which is really exciting! It was great to start throwing around ideas and I can’t wait to get more into the planning and production of it.

So that’s been my week, and here’s a little something I shot about half an hour ago… I always think of light-trail photos when I’m on the motorway so thought that would be fun to include and this is also a cheeky multiple exposure; if you’ve been following this little project you’ll know how much I love them! ;)

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