52 Weeks Project | Week Thirty Five

Another busy busy week, come and gone! This week I’ve been all over the place for work, fun, and family; it feels like a bit of a blur!

At the start of the week I got to spend two days with my best friends – we went to see Kinky Boots (yes, again!) and also visited the Harry Potter Studios so it was a fantastic couple of days. After a few days working I drove down to South East London to see my family to celebrate my gran’s 90th birthday. My family is absolutely massive and it’s rare that a lot of us are together at one time so this was a really special occasion, it’s amazing to think that we were all there because of granny! Relatives from Mauritius, America, Sweden, France and all over England were there so it was great to catch up with everyone and see all the kids who have obviously grown up a lot since I last saw them!

Ended the night with a panic attack though as my handbag had accidentally gone into a pram and took a little trip to Dover, eeeeeek! Considering it had my phone, purse AND car keys in it I was very stuck… Thankfully my uncle was willing to drive me down to Dover to pick it up (I mean, my family are truly incredible) and drive me back to London to get my car. After only 5 hours of sleep, 7 hours of work, over 2 hours driving and a lot of socialising you can imagine how exhausted I felt returning home at 5am!

Hence why the blog is going up at silly o’clock as I wanted to at least technically post this within the week. I’m a little bit pedantic about that ha! Anyway, onto next week :)

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