The Jetty | Katharine Moraz

Having seen The Jetty pop up on a couple of social media sites before, I’d known the name but not much about the venue – that is until I saw that the lovely Katharine Moraz would be performing a set there, and I knew I didn’t want to miss out!

I’m a big fan of the Greenwich area of London, when I was at university in New Cross it was a half an hour walk down the road which was incredibly lovely, and The Jetty in North Greenwich didn’t let me down here. It’s situated just behind the O2 (which I still affectionately call the Millennium Dome) overlooking the Thames with the Emirates Air Line too, it’s a really picturesque spot.

Having not done much research previous to visiting The Jetty I had no expectations either way but this venue was very unique and didn’t disappoint. Outside there’s plenty of seating that was perfect while the evening was still on the warm side – I can imagine here would be a great spot for if we’re ever blessed with hot weather again this year! There was loads to do at this venue as they had a ping pong table, a high striker and just a general carnival theme going on. Also inside there was lots of seating with another bar and the kitchen. We did get food while there – their website describes it as a street food bar which I’d say is quite apt! I had the Prego Roll which was delicious!

One more thing to note was how lovely all the staff were, from the cocktail bar to the kitchen and all front of house – they even brought out blankets for those sitting outside when it started to get chilly!

Now onto Katharine and her beautiful set! I first saw Katharine performing almost two years ago now at the Battersea Barge and absolutely loved her style of playing and songwriting. Since then I’ve been lucky enough to catch her in the One Man, Two Guvnors tour and a recent production in the Camden Fringe – Unsigned. However with her being on tour there was little chance to hear her music again apart from at Christmas time where she performed with her friends as Music Sunday on Regent Street.

So anyway, seeing Katharine performing her own set has been a long overdue occasion. Saying that, it was totally worth the wait! Katharine’s set involved a mix of covers and original songs, it was an absolute joy to hear her singing again! My personal favourites were the ukulele twist on Demi Lovato’s Cool For The Summer and hearing a few of Katharine’s own songs that I’d yet to hear and also one of my absolute favourites – Golden.

Katharine has since performed a couple more times at The Jetty and hopefully she’ll be playing a few more sets like this through autumn. Keep an eye on her Twitter for updates if you’d like to catch her playing, I’d highly recommend taking a listen! Also if we happen to get a miraculous Indian Summer and you’re in need of a chilled out place to relax at the weekend, make sure you keep The Jetty in mind!

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