52 Weeks Project | Week Thirty Four

Why does it suddenly feel like this year is speeding up even more? The time in the week is just disappearing!

I really feel like I’ve been neglecting my blog recently because I’ve been pushing myself to improve my YouTube channel, videos and content in general. It’s almost two years since I started this blog and it was my sole focus, but now that I want to create even more visual content it feels like I’m doubling my workload. Not that I’m complaining, I really enjoy posting on both my blog and channel, but I suppose until I’m happy with the foundations on both it’s going to be hard to keep a good balance.

Anyway that was quite an irrelevant chat to start off with. No actually, it’s not that irrelevant! I may as well plug my YouTube channel whilst I’m chatting about it haha! This week I’ve posted a video about my little trip to Ireland last month, and also a video advising you on how to make going to the theatre a bit more affordable. If you watch these I hope you enjoy them and get something out of them!

So one thing I’ve learnt this week is that I need to manage my time a lot better; if I want to be happy with the content I create I need to stick to a schedule of sorts. I make it sound like this is my job, it’s really not! A few more versions of myself to get everything done would be great though, I feel guilty to myself for having blogs from July that need finishing…

I’m lacking a tripod and it’s been a busy one this week so I’m having a cheat week. Missing Iceland and planning the next February adventure made me go through all my photos again and I forgot how much I liked this photo! We’d just stopped off for fuel and behind the petrol station was this gorgeous view of vast landscape and mountains, so surreal. More adventures are needed!

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