52 Weeks Project | Week Thirty Three

It’s been a relatively quiet time in my life this week!

I had a few days off work at the start of the week so caught up with housework (not that it’s really made much of a difference…), editing videos, and just generally taking some time to myself to chill. I can’t remember the last time I had a day off and didn’t spend it off somewhere so it was nice to relax a little bit!

On Friday I went to see Kinky Boots in it’s first preview and absolutely loved it! There’s the inspiration for the red lip in this photo – everything is always better with a red lip.

Also on Saturday night I saw Paper Towns at the cinema, I read the book years ago and loved it but I haven’t read it in a long while so didn’t feel as attached to the story – in a way this was a really good thing because sometimes book to film adaptations can be disappointed but I ended up enjoying the film so much! The tagline of the film is really cheesy but as with most cheesy quotes, I’m a fan.

Get lost, get found.

I think that’s true – sometimes you need life to throw you a curveball to figure things out, sometimes you need people to show you their real selves to know whether you want them around or not and sometimes you need to get away to know where you want to be.

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