52 Weeks Project | Week Twenty Nine

This week began in Dublin and has ended with me back home, and boy am I missing the Emerald Isle!

I thought it would take more time for me to fall for a place but apparently not, it only took Ireland a few days to win my heart. Already I can’t wait to visit again, and if you’d like to know what I was up to in the short time I was visiting make sure you look out for the blogs I’ll be posting!

One of the reasons I visited Ireland was to see Once the musical. It’s set in Dublin and hasn’t been on there for a while as it was in the West End, however it closed earlier this year and I was absolutely devastated. There are many reasons as to why I adore this show and I’ll save speaking about them for an individual blog post but one thing I will share is my obsession with the simple yet stunning staging of the show. Wow that’s a lot of S’s in one sentence!

The stage is a bar before the show and in the interval so that takes up the back of the stage, and then the curved single wall of the stage is covered in worn mirrors and Edison lightbulbs, and the wannabe home designer in me is crazy for it. This is one of the rare situations where I’m a fan of tungsten lighting!

I don’t know when I’ll next get the chance to see this show, so a portrait in one of the mirrors was a must.


A few lines in the show really strike a chord with me, and I’ll pop them here as a reminder to future me – just in case she forgets these beautiful lines.

To live, you have to love.

I’m gonna be me, I’m gonna be free.

I knew now what it was to be scared, terrible lesson you have to learn; wasting life, because you’re frightened of it.

Just live. Make your Ma proud.

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