52 Weeks Project | Week Twenty Eight

What a week. This afternoon I was walking round Belfast and I suddenly thought “Ah crap. Need to take a 52 weeks photo,” I’ve been so busy and thinking of other things that I almost didn’t but I’ve come this far, I can’t stop now!

So yes, I’m in Belfast at the moment! I flew to Ireland yesterday morning and I’m only here for a couple more days but I’m really enjoying it. Blog posts about what I’ve been up to will be up soon! This short break has come at a perfect time with a few stressful things cropping up this week, so it’s been lovely to just escape really. That’s the beauty of travel!

I’m actually quite a fan of this photo even though it was really quickly shot in my hotel room! Also a fan of the “not quite sepia not quite black and white” edit at the moment too apparently… Talking of editing, thank goodness for having a Lightroom app on my iPad or there really wouldn’t have been a photo to show this week! Hope whatever you’re up to you’ve been having a lovely weekend! Also I never usually say this but feel the need to, thank you to those who have recently followed my blog and for those who are always liking these posts, I really appreciate it! I write this blog for myself and really enjoy doing so but to know there are others who enjoy it as well is really encouraging. My last post about Paris was my 100th post on here and my 50th post this year so it felt like quite a milestone! I just wanted to say a thank you :)


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