52 Weeks Project | Week Twenty Four

Wow, what a crazy couple of weeks it’s been. I spent most of last week in Barcelona, and then this week I’ve been home, worked a couple of shifts and then gone to Paris for two days! Exciting times.

I had such a brilliant couple of days in Paris, it’s a city I’ve been to before but only as a child and then for a few hours as an adult last year when I was travelling back from the south of France, and considering as I had two huge suitcases with me I didn’t exactly manage to see a lot of the city that time. I’ll be posting a blog about our trip and what we got up to shortly so if you’re interested in reading about that keep an eye out! :)

So having been from one place to another to another it was only on Friday when Caitlin popped round to borrow my camera that I thought “Oh crap, I need to take a 52 weeks photo…”, and as I’m currently on my way to Dover for the weekend this posed a dilemma. Looking outside we saw the weather was still nice and the sun was good so straight away we were off to take photos.

I absolutely love taking photos with Caitlin, we’ve been doing this for about six or so years now and it’s always so much fun. She was helping me out being my human tripod so these photos are a collaborative effort of her being behind the camera for me and I’ve doing the edit :)

This one was my favourite of the bunch we took, but there were a few more that I quite liked so I’ll pop them below.

And lastly have a photo of me looking like a goof mid-laugh at something either I or Caitlin had done (I think I might’ve been pretending to eat a plant beforehand?!) but I always look too serious in these blogs so it’ll shake it up hopefully haha.

Massive thanks again to Caitlin for being my human tripod. If you haven’t seen Caitlin’s photographs before you must check out her website because her work is amazing.

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