Shoshana Bean Live in London

In 2013 I went to a concert of Scott Alan’s work at the Indigo O2 and saw a huge amount of incredibly talented performers from the West End and Broadway alike, and one name that caused a lot of excitement was Shoshana Bean. She then performed a solo concert while she was still in London that summer and I was absolutely gutted to miss out on it – therefore when tickets went on sale for her solo London gigs this year I made sure I was going to be attending at least one of them!

Shoshana held a three-night residency from the 3rd-5th of June at the Hippodrome Casino in Leicester Square and I believe all shows were rightfully sold out. She also added an extra late night concert on the Thursday and had guests from the West End join her.

After seeing amazing reviews and comments all over social media, I was finally able to see the brilliance of Shoshana’s solo show on Friday the 5th of June.

Shoshana’s setlist comprised of a mixture of musical theatre, her own music and contemporary numbers which made for a really fresh concert. She had also hosted a competition previous to the concerts to get new talent on the stage singing with her. A couple of the winners I was familiar with such as Luke Bayer who I’ve seen in West End concerts before, and Gianni Onori as I went to a concert of his work back in 2013! They sang a gorgeous version of Sam Smith’s Stay With Me and followed it with some celebratory jager shots which Shoshana encouraged!  IMG_5520 IMG_5523 IMG_5548
As she struggled to whittle down the competition winners Shoshana had picked more than planned and performed Suddenly Seymour (from Little Shop of Horrors) with two more winners; a hilarious rendition of the song!

IMG_5760 IMG_5767

The highlight of the night for me was while Shoshana sang Cold Turkey from her album she asked the crowd if anyone had had a break-up recently, and a girl called Jazmin ended up on stage and much laughter ensued as Shoshana asked her what had happened and gave Jazmin Agony Aunt-esque advice. They then sang more of Cold Turkey together and Jazmin amazed everyone with her brilliant voice – she may as well have been one of the competition winners! Talk about one way to get over a break-up. 

IMG_5627 IMG_5637 IMG_5644 IMG_5662

Throughout the concert we were able to see many different sides of Shoshana from her laid-back attitude to her more emotional self, and this shone through in her choice of set list too. It felt more like a couple of hours of getting to know her personally as well as being able to witness her incredible talent too!


There really was something for everyone with these concerts, and everyone left singing Shoshana’s praises. Already I think we can’t wait to have her big talent back in London someday hopefully soon!

All photos are my own, if used please credit them back to this blog post!

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