Sunday Evening

When the weather shines, enjoy it. When your friends are home, spend as much time with them as you can. When your brain is full and stressed, walk around the countryside to hear the birds chatter, feel the breeze, and calm.

As we left town it was still cloudy but soon cleared up and it was blue skies and sunshine, we played on swings in a pocket park before strolling down little country roads and chatting nonsense in fields.

After driving around some more we ended up near the rail lines and found a bridge to watch trains pass by – it was funny to think that I probably pass by that bridge every time I go down to London but I was only now seeing it from a different perspective. The tracks seemed so out of place in the middle of the countryside.

It’s been a long time since I last saw Sam (pictured below, looking very cool) properly, so to be catching up like no time has passed at all was really lovely. Nights like these make me look forward to summer when lots more of my friends will be home from university and we can all see each other again :)

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