52 Weeks Project | Week Twenty

Well “summer” is well and truly approaching and I can’t believe how quickly we’re storming through 2015.

This week I think I’ve taken my favourite photo in this little project so far. I love that at this time of year the countryside is littered with huge rapeseed fields; while they’re a sight of terror for any sufferer of hayfever, to me they’re fields of bright joy.

Having driven past a few of them recently I really wanted to shoot in one of them, and after texting my wonderful pal Caitlin who told me about one that was nearby and accessible, I had my heart set on that being the spot for this week’s photo.

The one good thing about this supposed British Summer Time is how late the sun sets. It’s still light until quite late but the sun sets at around half eight which is a welcome sight after feeling like we’ve been stuck in winter for such a long time. Saying that, on Tuesday it was a mix of hail and sunshine all day, thank goodness I was at work! That weather can certainly stay away.I had a bit of a breakdown on Tuesday so to come out to these fields the next day at the exact right time for a beautiful sunset really helped to lift my mood in general. I’m trying to focus on happy! Here’s one more that I liked too, also because I rarely smile in these photos and I promise you I do smile a lot more than it appears in this project…

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