52 Weeks Project | Week Eighteen

Another Sunday, another week over, another photograph to share.

Writing these blogposts has made me realise that apart from the odd day or two in a week – I don’t live a vastly exciting life haha! Not that I’m not content with working hard in my new job and trying my hardest to start building the foundations in different things for my future, I just wish that I had more things to share at the end of each week.

Saying that, Thursday was quite interesting as we had our voting day for the General Election which I’ve put a post about here if you’d like to watch how my day panned out. That was my excitement for the week! Apart from that as I say I’ve just been working a lot which is great fun, I’m really enjoying my new job and learning in a new workplace all over again. It feels like I’m using my brain a lot more already which is good stuff – as a barista newbie I can’t wait to be able to know how to make all the different coffees perfectly!

Another thing I’ve been trying to do is make sure I take some time out from everything just to take a breather and think about life but not stress about it. I have an awful habit of stressing and worrying so sometimes just going for a long walk through the fields or woods can help calm my over-active mind.

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