52 Weeks Project | Week Seventeen

Hello May! You’ve come round far too quickly, I know I say it pretty much every week but it feels like the year is passing us by at an astonishing rate so far.

This week I started working at my new job, so finally I’m back to working during the day as well as in the evening. It’s great because I can walk to work rather than driving over to the theatre, and I love getting my brain working again with learning lots of new workplace procedures – especially as it’s a coffee-shop so I will have a lot to learn once I’m on the coffee machines fully! I’m really enjoying it so far so all good on that side of life.

On the more personal side of life, I’m still struggling (annoyingly) with many grieving moments. I can be fine for most of the time but then it just hits me out of the blue, then it becomes a vicious circle to escape.

There are a few other things bundling up in my head and making it all a bit messy, but I won’t share those. As usual there’s only so much of yourself you want to show on the internet, some ghosts can stay just visible for me for now.

On a happier note I had a very lovely day in London on Wednesday so if you’d like to see a happier version of me you can watch that right here.

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