52 Weeks Project | Week Sixteen

The best way I can describe this week is a very mixed bag of emotions.

I really try to not let it get to me but sometimes grief is a bitch that you can’t shake, and once it starts to sink you it’s even harder to climb out of it. I’m trying, but it’s hard. On a more positive note I’m beginning to find different ways to deal with it – this week I’ve re-joined the gym (woo!), as I know exercise and fitness does logistically help with depression and generally feeling down. I had my re-induction on Friday as it’s a gym I’ve used before but not in over a year as I moved to uni and then had so many changes I didn’t know where on earth I was going to be; I loved getting to know all the equipment again and can’t wait to start using it consistently.

Furthermore, I finally went to the doctors about my skin. Initially I thought I had a mild case of rosacea however my Dr said it was more a mix of acne and rosacea (great…), now I’m on a course of oral treatment as well as using a gel every night which will hopefully make a difference to the general appearance of my skin. More on that in blog posts later I’m sure!

Anyway! Onto this weeks photo. Near my flat there’s a Mount; I remember years and years ago when we were kids my friends and I would spend days climbing all over it exploring like it was a wild jungle. Nowadays it’s become victim to gentrification and looks a lot more tamed but regardless it’s still a nice spot to sit a bit higher up away from everything to clear your head. Seeing as it’s a couple of minutes away from my doorstep I’ve found recently it’s a perfect spot to escape and also gives a beautiful view of the sunset. We’ve been lucky to have a lot of clear skies these past couple weeks and I adore photographing the night sky anyway – it made sense to add it into the project.

Ideally I wanted this double-exposure to be in focus but hey, not everything goes to plan and now I think I prefer it with me out of focus. That’s it for this week :)

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