A Pretty Little Purchase

Late last year I discovered a little family’s YouTube channel and since then I’ve been absolutely loving their content, #SundayWithTheMichalaks is always something I look forward to at the end of the week.

As well as living their lives and creating weekly vlogs, Hannah of the Michalaks runs her own little make up bag business and I’ve been desperate to buy one for quite some time – they always sell so quickly! I finally managed to buy one of her new bag designs when they were released a week or two ago. In their vlogs Hannah and Stef have shown clips of them packaging the make up bags and I love how much detail goes into even the wrapping of them.

IMG_4705 After marvelling at the lovely packaging I opened it up to find a beautiful make up bag inside – not quite the one I ordered but a beautiful bag nonetheless! I then became very very very torn about whether to simply keep this bag or ask to swap it for the one I originally ordered because this one is so cute as well!

 The bag I’ve received is the Truly Scrumptious one, a very fun candy covered print which will bring our the inner child in anyone I think! The craftsmanship that has gone into these bags is sublime – kudos to Hannah’s seamstress for the detail and precision that is shown.

I had ordered the Lady Vivacious make-up bag which I’ve asked for this to be Screen Shot 2015-04-14 at 13.55.41swapped with purely because it was the description that swayed my decision of which bag to buy. It sounds silly I know but seeing how much thought Hannah puts into the bags, even down to their descriptions, made me want to pick one that suited my personality the most. You can see and read all about the bags on the links above!

All the make up bags are structured in the same way with a subtle zip at the top and a waterproof lining which is great for saving the gorgeous Liberty fabric from being ruined! I’m a huge fan of Liberty and love that Hannah uses their fabrics for her bags, they’re very classy but with a quirk too.

One more gush about the packaging, I adore the little handwritten tags Hannah adds to each make up bag! They remind me of the quotes they place at the beginning of each of their vlogs, and the one I received is incredibly apt (I stress and worry far too much…).

I’d highly recommend these to any make up lover for them to have their own beautiful quirky make up bag, these will fit a good amount of brushes and products in while looking stylish and fun too. Hannah has loads of different styles on her site, you can see all of them by visiting her website here!

Everyone should also check out their YouTube channel for incredibly high quality and fun vlogs of their life in London and what they get up to every week; they visit loads of great places in the city so it’s refreshing to see a different perspective of London too!

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