52 Weeks Project | Week Thirteen

Hard to believe another month of 2015 has passed by, but at least it means a step closer to more sunshine in my life (this winter has definitely induced some SAD)!

Yesterday I saw the new Cinderella film with some friends and really loved how they’ve done it. I’ve seen some photos from the Swarovski exhibition in London – hopefully a visit there will happen soon, and the glass slipper looks so beautiful in the film and on its own so when I was thinking of what to take for this weeks photo that sprung to mind to add some sparkle.

Inspiration aside I’ve been really damn tired this week, and I think that’s pretty apparent in the photo ha! Restless nights are sadly becoming an all too regular thing at the moment…

IMG_4523Last but not least the title of this photo is a play on my new favourite album, Chaos and the Calm by James Bay. I haven’t loved an album this much in a long time, it’s such a work of art; safe to say I’ve had it on repeat since it was released last week!

Fingers crossed I’ll have some more blogs up soon (still working on the Iceland blog…) that aren’t just about this project but thank goodness I have this or I would definitely been slacking on the blogging front!


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