52 Weeks Project | Week Ten

Okay so you know when people are on a diet and they have a cheat day? This is my cheat week in the 52 Weeks Project because I’m very much missing Iceland, and I didn’t want to post a photo taken in England because in comparison it now feels very bland…


I’m still in the process of writing my blog post about our trip to Iceland so more and more photos will be crammed into that post but I definitely wanted to share a few little ones from the trip because I want to keep re-living it. The above (and below) photo was from our day out to Jökulsárlón which is where the glacier lagoon and beaches are. It was so so so magical here, with these huge chunks of ice simply littering the beach – an amazing sight.

While on the beach I decided to have a little play around with the in-camera multiple exposure feature like I did for my 52 Weeks Project a few weeks ago and the result of it was odd but I actually really liked it.

This isn’t something I’d normally shoot but I really loved the textures of the ice with how the wind, rain, snow and sleet has obviously chiseled away at them naturally. Despite the sometimes raging weather, Iceland really felt like a safe cover away from the real world and having to succumb to horrid emotions that I didn’t want to deal with. It was the perfect escape.

I’ll be a bit honest here (my blog, my rules, ha!) – I’m feeling a bit lost with photography and life in general. I know that nobody my age really knows what they’re doing with their lives but sometimes it really frustrates me that I’m not sure exactly what I want to do – and often there’s too many things that I want to do which can feel even worse… I really hope soon I can find a little niche of my own. Anyway that’s my piece of honesty for this week, and also a thanks to those of you who read these blogs and click the ‘like’ button, it really means a lot and I’m really enjoying this little personal project so far!


2 thoughts on “52 Weeks Project | Week Ten

  1. thebendywitch says:

    Rukaya, a friend of mine, Pepi Lunn, guided me to your site and I am so pleased she did. Just know that you don’t need to know right now what it is you want to “do”…focus your awareness on “now”, that silent place from where your beautiful writing springs from & not on the ramblings of your chattering mind that wants to know every detail of your life! Listen to the deeper inner silent voice of your heart and when the time is right you will be inspired to act and life will blossom with more ease before you. You are a beautiful, inspiring and brave young lady, thank you for sharing your heart. Bright Blessings, Raye ;) x

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