Easy Like Sunday Morning in East London

Nothing makes me happier than spending a day in London with my friends, however when that also includes us exploring new areas in town that we haven’t been to yet – I’m an even happier gal.

63773_10152626280790766_1865170752988716174_nThrough various blogs and vlogs I’ve seen lots of things about The Breakfast Club and I’ve been absolutely desperate to visit one of their restaurants! With a teensy bit of convincing I managed to weave it into our Sunday Funday plans. We did have to queue outside for about half an hour or so, but as the weather was quite nice (and not raining thankfully!) it wasn’t too bad and the time didn’t drag on too much despite us being starving!

Once we were sat in the restaurant we browsed over the menu again even though we’d looked at it many times while in the queue just to confirm what we wanted for brunch. I decided on having pancakes with bacon and maple syrup as I loved it so much when I visited Manchester last month! Lee went with The Half Monty and Kirsty chose the Pulled Pork Sandwich – I’m genuinely feeling hungry for brunch all over again looking at these photos now!

After trying (well, stealing) some of the home-style fried potatoes that Lee and Kirsty both had I decided that regardless of how full I already felt I needed to have some of my own and oh my goodness they were just incredible. Drinks-wise Kirsty and I both had the delicious hot chocolates, with marshmallows of course, and Lee had a much needed latte.

With very full stomachs we set out to have a look round Shoreditch, and soon ended up at the Boxpark after stopping at a few shops along the way! I’ve seen the Boxpark on The Apprentice years ago and thought it was a fantastic idea but have never been able to see it myself yet. It was great to have a nosey in the shops there, the many home deco shops warmed my home-obsessed heart, and I’ve now added many little trinkets to my mental ‘to-buy list’! Lee and I also shared this hilarious diva-strut fail moment within the Boxpark…

We ventured on towards Spitalfields Market which was another place I’d yet to visit and wanted to see. On the way we stumbled across an amazing installation piece which we then discovered was Chuck Taylor’s Made By You exhibition, consisting of over 2,000 Polaroids of people and their Converse! I loved this, and took a few Polaroid style photos of the exhibition myself.


Last but not least we found ourselves in Spitalfields Market to have a look around the various stalls there, and I ended up trying on many flower crowns at one of the stalls!

After that the weather turned and it started to rain as we made our way back to Liverpool Street Station to then go our separate ways, but it was so lovely to spend the morning with good food, fantastic company and a little bit of exploring!


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